Friday 2 October 2020

SUPERMAN WHERE ARE YOU? Trump diagnosed with Covid-19 as America appears to be teetering toward a second civil war as the divided country unravels before our very eyes and Trump issues a thinly veiled dog-whistle to far-right groups to stand back, stand by and be ready.


I was woken this morning to the news that President Trump and his wife have tested positive for Covid-19, here at The Big Wobble we wish him and his wife a speedy recovery. The news comes after a terrible week for the president and his administration. This latest news just adds to the drama as America appears to be teetering toward a second civil war as the divided country unravels before our very eyes.

What happened on Tuesday night's American Presidency debate has shocked and awoken the rest of the Western world. It was the night when the Western World and our democratic system was compromised. It was a night when the president of the United States and supposedly the "free world" issued a thinly veiled dog-whistle to a far-right group that has endorsed violence to stand back and stand by and be ready.

It was a night when the Western World realised the rules had suddenly changed and democracy, at least in the US had shifted toward totalitarianism. President Trump, petulant, arrogant, rude, loud and very ugly, acted like a schoolyard bully. Far from being presidential or statesmen like, his behaviour was at best provocative in a debate which was more like two drunks arguing in a bar. 

Now, Joe Biden will probably win the election on November the 3rd because of Mr Trump's car crash of a debate. However, Trump has already told us he isn't going anywhere if he loses and has told his "Proud Boys" live on Tuesday's Presidential Debate to "stand back and stand by." Trump's supporters are itching for a fight, far-right groups armed with Bibles and assault rifles, their numbers swelling daily by disgruntled police officers, soldiers and veterans, walking away from their jobs in record numbers who feel they have been betrayed and abandoned, MAGA, Proud Boys and White Supremacists, the far-right militia can hardly hold themselves back from confronting Antifa, BLM and the gay rights movement and a Democrat in the White House would be the spark to ignite the explosion.

Similarly, the far-left believe violence is also justified if Donald Trump, (or a Republican) was to win another 4 years. That is the frightening reality as the country head's toward its worst post-election crisis in a century and a half.  

In Matthew 12:25 Jesus says: “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand."

America in 2020 is exactly that, a kingdom divided against itself, a once-great kingdom, the most powerful nation the world has ever seen. It is now a land divided by intolerance, hate, anger, greed and injustice 

A country which expects its poorest to pay for the most expensive pharmaceuticals in the world. A country where hard-working families are losing their houses and jobs, evicted from their homes like criminals while the banks and the billionaires and leaders become even richer and look the other way. A system doing its very best to make sure the poor can't have insurance and if they do manage, to make sure they can't afford to continue once they have it. A system which targets the poor and uneducated rather than helping them.

The riots prove urban unrest is a class war and a race conflict which is being politicized by the contenders of the upcoming election. The insanity on the streets is like nothing before, the inequality on the streets is insane. Billionaires and millionaires populate cities where poor uneducated people roam the streets in abject poverty, homeless, shoeless and toothless, their only interest in life is to find their next high. An obesity pandemic has hit the dumbed-down poverty-ridden lower class, blissfully unaware their lifestyle is an early death certificate. You can hear their depressing view of life with no hope or improvement when they are interviewed on TV. 

Then on the other side of the fence BLM, Antifa and the LGBT movement has become a fashion style for the middle class who have their rainbow flag and BLM poster on their well-manicured front lawns for all to see just how woke they are. These people show up at demonstrations downtown at the weekend before returning to their posh jobs on Monday, they need to protest because they have to be seen as doing the "we are woke thing!"

Many working-class parents are at breaking point trying desperately to hold onto jobs which are disappearing before their very eyes. Others have had to work, knowing full well they are sick but having no choice but to keep on working. At the latest count, almost 30 million people have lost their jobs this year in the US and that figure is rising rapidly. Something else we Europeans find very difficult to understand is how can people living in the richest country in the world not afford medical insurance? 

The homeless, the lower classes and people of colour have been hit by the Covid-19 virus much harder than the middle class and the rich and for the most baffling reason imaginable, they could not afford medical insurance, surely the most vulnerable people in such a rich country should have free medical insurance? 

The number of Americans who say they can’t afford enough food for themselves or their children is growing and it is likely to get larger now that some government benefits have expired. A federal moratorium on evictions has now expired and the politicians are not close to a deal on a new economic rescue package. Advocates and experts warn that an unprecedented crush of evictions is coming, threatening millions of Americans with homelessness as the pandemic continues to spread. 

In major cities across America, the rich and famous are leaving in droves, allowing the streets to be taken over by homeless people, junkies and violent criminals. NYC moms are fleeing the Upper West Side amid crime and chaos. Many of these cities are run by the left-wing councils who try to persuade us the looting and rioting are just peaceful protesters. Murder and gun crime have skyrocketed in major cities across the US since the start of BLM riots.

The American people are indeed fighting a spiritual war and most of the US is unaware they are being played. Dark forces are at work and infecting people with hate on an unprecedented level. Violence, hatred and ugliness are spewing forth from people who have been dumbed down for years, a silent pent up anger has been boiling up inside people and Covid-19 has brought that anger to the surface. American society is broken and is disintegrating at breakneck speed.

Why is this happening? Many lower-class US citizens are living in the 21st century with suppressed immune systems brought on by their own desires. Obesity, diets rich in fat and sugar, processed foods, smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, medications, pollution, exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals and radiofrequency radiation, sex and violence are pushed into their faces at every turn, they are being consumed by modern life. Their cells, proteins, and DNA are being damaged by a Western lifestyle, which is contributing to ageing and also play's a role in the development of a range of health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In other words, they are killing themselves

So, the future looks bleak, will the US break up? Will it ever recover and become the same as it used to be? Or will we see a French type revolution or a 2nd civil war? I guess we won't have long to find out with most heated Presidential election imaginable just one month away, however, I have been hearing all year long, things will never be the same again.

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Taddie said...

Gary = I would ask you to calm down about President Trump = obviously you have watched a lot of the standard MSM..his having covid is a ploy to help protect himself and family before the election - as far as the debate goes - as old sleepy Joe would say c'mon was a setup from the beginning and Trump knew it - he just exposed their games - Joes was jacked up on God knows what - he had electronic devices - ear pieces and contact lenses to feed him info.. Wallace is so obviously a bipartisan person - just ganging up on him - frankly the whole thing was an insult to everyone - as it was not going to be possible to have a proper debate - now the dems want to change the rules as they have been exposed...frankly how hilarious -

Anonymous said...

Krvi Ti
Great summary Gary! To the POINT as usual

Anonymous said...

Liberty Monroe Presley
Here in America no one really knows what is going on 😳 The media has taken over, a coup of sorts. They are changing all executive orders from the governor to the president. We don’t know at this point what the survival rate is, but I know my 17-year-olds group of friends have completely disappeared, and there is a lot of vacant house around the neighbourhood, people who have lived here for years are just gone. The cares act money never hit in our area, I did find one rental assistance cares act program, I was denied within 2 hours after applying. I am in Fla. we have a high wej population most landlords are such. My electric was due to be disconnected on Sept. 30th it was disconnected for 3 minutes then restored. Multiple phone calls and emails from the electric company wanting me to commit to a payment plan. I have read the governors executive order and stood my ground, oh lord it was scary and stressful, to say the least, 😳 I have a zoom hearing for eviction for Oct. 19, no not bc I wasn’t paying my rent but bc in the middle of April my air conditioner stopped cooling, it has done this several times in the past, I have lived here for 4 years for the first 3 1/2 years I had never been even 1 day late on my rent. I had always talked to the man I had a lease with but then he wanted me to start talking to his wife, who demanded that I pay the repairman $600, My rent wasn’t due for another 2 weeks when I refused they started accusing me of being well a bunch of things. I tried several times to reason with them, to no avail in the middle of June I made the decision to take the rent money and buy window units. My son is asthmatic and it was getting hot. I have had no more communication with them since. Then in the middle of June, the hot water heater stopped working and to my surprise, the landlord had the overflow rigged to flow outside so for over a month, the hot water heater was flowing outside. My water bill shot up to $700 for that month, the shut-off valve was broken, my brother who lives in WPB came as soon as he could and fixed it but 2 weeks later it just stopped altogether, we have been without hot water for over a month.

Hawkeye said...

Yes Gary, all you write here is in play but to say it is just in usa is turning a blind eye to a global situation of chaos and liars world wide who are trying like heck to destroy all the lives of both human and environmental beings. The entire globe is being sprayed with geoengineering poisons, not just usa. The entire globe is being fed poison food diets, the entire globe is locked down by a very suspicious so called virus. The entire globe is in tremendous debt ridden conditions. The entire globe is in meltdown, financial meltdown, climatic meltdown, systemic meltdown, and an over all health meltdown.
Reasons for it are pretty clear. No love, no truth. The way out is to walk in the spirit of Christ. Then your eyes will be opened beyond imagination!
Dont be so sure you know the outcome in the matrix of this tainted world. It is all pre planned and without mind manipulation none of the issues noted are real. Problem is, people refuse to acknowledge truth and are choosing their ill fate. Man loves the darkness....
So now our president is said to be positive for covid19. Lol, ok. The news of it writes; trump has been diagnosed with "covid19".....he is taking x y z for this "coronavirus" treat the "disease"....and has been admitted to Walter Reed hospital for the "virus".
In one news written report of maybe 3 or 4 paragraphs, this health threat is, coronavirus, covid19, a disease, and a virus all at the same time. ..?? Coronavirus causes covid19 the disease? But it's a virus....a virus is not a disease and a disease is not contagious. The upcoming vaccines to save the world are coronavirus vaccine and a second one called covid19 vaccine. But they just told us that corona causes covid? So which vac is the prevention at only 50% effectiveness? How can covid19 be a disease from coronavirus at the same time that it is a flu like illness symptoms of cough and fever?

Living in the matrix never questions any of that...but I question it and I even asked a hospital doctor recently. I asked him why are there 2 names for the vaccine? He paused, thought for a moment then answered me....I dont know! He said he didn't know there was 2 names. Ahhhhhh, the games continue! Stay tuned folks!

Gary Walton said...

Hi Hawkeye, nice as ever to read your input, I hope you are well, however, you are wrong I'm afraid. Let me explain it to you. It is not a global situation of chaos what is happening as you claim, it is 'EXCLUSIVE' to the US alone. However, I am sure the chaos will head East eventually as trends usually do come to Europe from your country, unfortunately. (Just like poison food diets which came here from the US).

Here in Europe, our governments do 'try' to help the poor and the needy and health care is available for everyone, not just the people who can afford it. We do not have 330llb bandana-wearing white men carrying assault rifles and Bibles walking our streets. We definitely don't have hordes of uneducated black people looting our city-centre stores and our major cities do not resemble the wild west gun show at the weekends.

Racism here in Holland, especially among the younger generation is a thing of the past, there are a few bad eggs in the older generation as you may expect but no White supremacy movement on a scale like America has, no MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN movement and definitely no Proud boy movement. We did have BLM and Antifa marches a while ago but that all died down like everything else does in this part of the world.

As I have explained to you ad nauseam, the spraying of geoengineering poisons pales into insignificant when you understand the real problem is the billions of tons of toxic particulates thrown into the atmosphere during the last 60 years from the space travel rockets and nuclear experiments, please read this once again for a refresher;

Rockets punch a hole in the ionosphere dumping massive amounts of particulates into our atmosphere

Harry Wexler warned in 1962 that rockets are burning holes in the ionosphere, destroying the ozone layer, and modifying weather on a global scale

He warned chlorine and bromine were destroying the ozone eventually disrupting the jet stream which in turn would cause world-wide weather chaos such as we are witnessing today.

Global temperatures begin to rise in the early 60s

You know very well I know the outcome in the matrix of this tainted world. My book is is the Bible, stay safe.

Gary Walton said...

By the way Hawkey, Covid-19 is a virus only which is the reason it is causing so many problems, if it was a disease, it could be treated with antibiotics. Below is a comment you placed on The Big Wobble on the 26th of June; This is all a scam you said!

Hawkeye said...
Try reporting the recoveries!!! They are millions and the highest numbers of all of this nonsense! Say it in FL Bob! Say it loud! I am!! It's all BS. "The virus that causes covid". That was the word for word in the news yesterday.
A virus is a cell that has been poisoned and is releasing those toxins from itself in order to heal! which causes illness and or disease depending on what cellular part of the body it is in.

According to Webster's dictionary from 1980: definition of a virus is: [L; poison. A slimy liquid, stench] 1: any of a large group of submicroscopic infectious agents that have an outside coat of protein around a core of RNA and DNA, that can grow and multiply ONLY in LIVING CELLS, and that causes important diseases in human beings, lower animals and plants: also a disease caused by a virus. 2: something (as a corrupting influence) that poisons the mind or spirit.

If that isn't as telling as it gets then nothing else will ever be!
Fast forward to 2006 dictionary, the definition of a virus is completely changed. You have to go back to 1980 or before to find the truth. Do it! Throw away your ugly masks and breath. This is all a scam.

A sick cell inside our bodies causes disease or illness that process is named virus. Can not live on surfaces, or any place outside the body only lives in a living cell! So you get the flu or some other illness from that sick cell. That's how the body rids toxins. Then you get better. But if you have cellular damage (cancer or some other cellular damage disease) the next step after cellular illness, then you are more likely to be unable to recover because the cell is damaged and this world treats damaged cells with poisons like chemo so the damaged cells and the good cells all die. That's what treatment is in a world full of masked lunatics.

Hawkeye said...

Hi Gary! Ok, Holland is an exception then. We here in usa get a lot of fake news, so my comments are sometimes based on that and many times I use sarcasm/satire to get my points across. They are showing us news of UK in serious lockdowns. Police punching elderly women in the stomach and knocking them to the ground....photoshopped but news. I've been meaning to ask you about Holland, so thanks for that! But what about the rest of the EU?

You said covid19 is a virus only which is why it causes so many problems, if it were a disease antibiotics could treat it. Since when? Bacterial infections are what antibiotics cure, not diseases. A virus is not a disease, it causes disease, but according to the lunatic leaders this covid is a disease caused by the coronavirus. But covid gives coughing and fever and makes people sick with flu. That's not a disease! It's a flu, no antibiotics for the flu, yes i know that.
So, a virus called coronavirus causes covid19 a disease? I'm asking because none of it makes any sense. And so, if covid is a disease from a virus, which by the way is what I wrote in the past comment you posted yes, virus can cause a disease, then what is the covid disease? They say covid is a flu, flu is not disease. My comment says sick cells give symptoms that mimic flu, if the cells continue to be sickened they can go further then flu symptoms to diseases like cancer et al which antibiotics do not cure my friend! Disease is not bacterial and it is not a flu.

Covid is from coronavirus, they say. Still it is 2 different things and we have 2 named vaccines. No truth! Yes the rocket launches are all you say! But geoengineering is rocket launches on steroids launched daily and all year long year after year. So double trouble and by far no way insignificant!
Virus is not treatable by antibiotics! Virus causes disease, yes, I know what I wrote. Disease is not treatable by antibiotics! Because it comes from virus which is sick cells releasing toxins to heal themselves. Not getting your point!
With this pandemic we globally have, some new coronavirus that causes covid19, so why are there 2 names for one treatment of vaccination? I just read someone saying there is suspicion of the nasal swabs testing delivering nanobots of vaccine.
Love ya my friend! Stay safe.

Gary Walton said...

Hi, I was talking about Europe, what is happening in the UK is not Europe anymore, remember Brexit. The UK will I guess lean toward the US from no on, I guess.

Antonio Gomes said...

Mr. Gary ,
What's happening in the US it's not exactly the way you describe. The media puts everything up-side -down ! Yes , they are the enemies of the people ,
worldwide !

Hawkeye said...

Ok Gary. Do you understand my stance better now? BTW, Antonio Gomes is right! The media is our biggest enemy and that is such an important point and part of my point!! Thank you for that Antonio!

Because of the media lies of propaganda, you thought disease is a flu treatable by antibiotics, and now I understand why you or anyone else never answers these questions I pose about this virus/pandemic. Finally I understand now.
Disease is: cancer, heart DISEASE, kidney DISEASE, brain DISEASE, gum DISEASE etc....disease is not a flu. Covid19 is said to be the disease that comes from coronavirus. At the same time covid19 is an upper respiratory flu like illness....that is NOT not not a disease and disease is not treated or cured with antibiotics!!

Bacterial infections can be treated and or cured with antibiotics, examples of bacterial infection are: bronchitis, pneumonia, an abscessed tooth....INFECTION FROM BACTERIA. Bacterial infection is not a disease and there is not a cure for "viral" infection. That's why when you get a flu the dr doesn't prescribe antibiotics, because antibiotics do not cure virus and flu comes from virus, a process of the body ridding itself from poison.
Virus is: (read my past comment again) a sickened cell or cellS sickened from POISONING. Poison causes cells to become virus! Virus is really a process not a thing.
A viral process, sickened cells release (shed) their skin that has been damaged by a poison element in an attempt to heal and regrow a new healthy skin. But, sometimes that poisoning damage goes deeper then the outer skin and enters closer to or directly in to the center of the cell, the nucleus, and that is when permanent damage occurs like cancers etc. Weakened immune systems can not regenerate or fight back because the food we give our bodies to feed our immune system is also poison. GMO is poison food.

Now, with all that said, what the f%&# is covid19!!?? Why is one vaccine from Moderna called coronavirus vaccine, and Astra Zenica's vaccine is called covid19 vaccine? They are two different things! That is not being absorbed in brains because the media is a con job miseducating on purpose the public globally, not just in usa. You are not immune to media propaganda, as you just proved to me by saying antibiotics cure disease, and you are not immune from geoengineering POISONING. Poison is where virus comes from. My past comment dictionary definition says exactly that. So thanks for reposting it because obviously you and others did not get that.
Now that you know truth, this pandemic should be questioned. Because it is lies. I'm not saying nothing is sickening people, I'm saying its can not be contagious because virus is not contagious as it is a thing, a process that causes disease and disease is not contagious. And flu is not disease!! Disease is NOT contagious!!

Cancer is not contagious because it is a disease! Heart disease is not contagious....but covid19 disease is contagious ??
I think they are using it to cover up their poisoning of earth for profits. Earth is sick too from poisoning!! That's why we have GW.
Masks do not stop poisoning. Neither do vaccines!
This all means, the "virus" is because they are poisoning us and our environment and that my friend is what does make sense.
Do you understand me now?

Anonymous said...

Bob LaFaut
We dont need super man we need JESUS CHRIST

Melly said...

There are only 2 supernatural beings in this world without sin & unblemished, the Almighty God of creation & His son Jesus Christ, do not be deceive by sinful humans, read in the bible Romans 8:31-39, 2 Cor. 1:21-22, Ephes. 1:13-14, Romans 8:6-13, Romans 8:15-16, Phil. 3:16, John 1:12-13. These are unusually times, if you are a born again christian w/ the Holy Spirit guiding you, rebuke non-believers in Jesus Christ w/ scripture as Jesus did in the desert w/ satan/lucifer, 2 Cor 4:4, Ephes. 6:12, 1 John 1:8, 1 Peter 1:2, Hebrews 4:16, Rev. 12:20. Arm yourself w/ the Gospel & Scripture of God.