Thursday 18 June 2020

Wars and rumours of wars: Escalating tensions around the world: Fistfight could spark a nuclear war: A third of US citizens expecting a civil war: Kim Jong-un itching for a fight with the South: Taiwan fires missiles: U.S. Planes Intercepted Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers

The Battle of Antietam, the Civil War's deadliest one-day fight.

Question? Will the insanity of 2020 be remembered as one of the worst years in human history, or will the terrible events the world has suffered so far this year be buried and forgotten as future catastrophes continue to escalate?

Already this year the unprecedented fires in Australia which destroyed an incredible 21% of its temperate forests and killed more than a billion animals were quickly upstaged by Covid-19 which has infected some 8,350,000 people globally and killed almost 500,000. And while our governments are telling us we have to get back to work, we have the situation under control, the virus is anything but under control as a new record of 176,000 cases were registered yesterday breaking the old record, recorded the day before of 139.000 new cases. However, incredibly, Covid-19 has been upstaged in recent weeks by global riots, demonstrations and protests over the senseless murder of George Floyd by a racist police officer.

A third of US citizens expecting a civil war

Last month's problems have left America so divided that one in three voters believes that the United States could face another civil war soon, as unrest continues to rage across the country over issues of race, policing, and the upcoming presidential election, according to a survey by Rasmussen. Things cannot get any worse can they, you may well ask? Well, they just did.

70 Chinese and Indian soldiers killed in a fistfight which could spark a nuclear war that engulfs the world

A fistfight erupted two days ago on a narrow Himalayan ridge border area between Indian and Chinese soldiers which ended in the deaths of 50 Chinese and 20 Indian soldiers.

According to the Guardian, the two armies jostled and hand-to-hand fighting broke out – neither side armed in line with decades of tradition supposed to ward off the possibility of escalation between the nuclear-armed neighbours. The hand-to-hand combat lasted hours, on steep, jagged terrain, armed with iron bars, rocks and fists. Neither side carried guns. Most of the soldiers killed in the worst fighting between India and China in 60 years lost their footing or were knocked from the narrow Himalayan ridge, plunging to their deaths. India has reacted with shock and caution to the loss of at least 20 soldiers on its disputed border with China, with images of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, burned in Indian cities. In his first public comments on the dispute, prime minister Narendra Modi led a two-minute silence for the killed soldiers and said India would “defend every stone, every inch of its territory.”

In a thinly veiled threat to China, Indian leader claimed, “I would like to assure the nation that the sacrifice of our jawans [troops] will not be in vain.” “For us, the unity and sovereignty of the country are the most important.”

Kim Jong-un itching for a fight: Will send troops to the two inter-Korean business zones

In North Korea, hostilities have reached a new peak with the South after Kim Jong-un will send troops to the two inter-Korean business zones near the border after blowing up an inter-Korean liaison office in the border city of Kaesong in North Korea. The escalation of conflict comes after Pyongyang cut off communication with Seoul on June 9 and expressed anger over North Korean defectors sending balloons across the border filled with pamphlets critical of Kim Jong-un.

(Yonhap) -- North Korea's official newspaper said Thursday that this week's demolition of an inter-Korean liaison office was just the beginning, warning there could be additional retaliatory steps against South Korea that could go "far beyond imagination." Earlier, the General Staff of the North's Korean People's Army said it will send troops to the now-shuttered inter-Korean industrial complex in its border city of Kaesong and the Mount Kumgang tourist zone on the east coast -- two key symbols of inter-Korean reconciliation. The North also said it will restore guard posts removed from the Demilitarized Zone separating the two sides and resume "all kinds of regular military exercises" near the inter-Korean border in an apparent move to abolish a military tension-reduction deal signed in 2018. These measures came a day after the North blew up the liaison office building in Kaesong.

The North Korean government ‘blew up’ its joint liaison office with South Korea on June 16, 2020. Located in the border city of Kaesong in North Korea, the destruction of the building was confirmed by South Korea’s Unification Ministry in a report sent to journalists. Local news agency Yonhap reported the sight of smoke emanating near the long-closed joint industrial zone in Kaesong, once the site of collaborative economic partnerships with the South. The move by North Korea comes after Pyongyang cut off communication with Seoul on June 9 and expressed anger over North Korean defectors sending balloons across the border filled with pamphlets critical of Kim Jong-un.

Taiwan fires missiles as it prepares for a possible Chinese invasion of its island

In another report by the Daily Star on the same day, Taiwan has fired missiles as it prepares for a possible Chinese invasion of its island. Taiwan has fired missiles off its coastline as it boosts the island’s defence against the increasingly aggressive China. The test is understood to have taken place off the coast of the easterly Taitung county and at the Jiupeng military base in the southernmost county of Pinging on Thursday. Chinese air force aircraft approached Taiwan on Thursday for the fifth time in 10 days, before being warned away by Taiwanese fighters, the island's air force said, in a further ratcheting up of tensions across the sensitive Taiwan Strait. The Chinese J-10 and J-11 fighter aircraft flew into the southwestern part of Taiwan's air defence identification zone in the morning, Taiwan's air force said in a statement, according to Yoohoo.

U.S. Planes Intercepted Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Near Alaska.

Moscow says U.S. Air Force planes have escorted four Russian nuclear-capable bombers as they patrolled an area close to the Bering Strait that divides Russia's Chukotka Peninsula and the state of Alaska. Russia's Defense Ministry said on June 17 that the United States had scrambled F-22 fighters to escort the four Russian strategic TU-95MS bombers, which were over international waters around Chukotka, the Bering Strait, and the Sea of Okhotsk. "At certain stages of the route, Russian planes were escorted by the U.S. Air Force F-22 fighters, " the ministry said, adding that the patrol flight lasted for about 11 hours. On June 10, the U.S. air-defence command said its fighter jets intercepted Russian jets and bombers twice off the coast of Alaska. A month earlier, the U.S. Navy said two Russian Su-35 fighter jets flew in an unsafe and unprofessional manner while intercepting a U.S. Navy P-8A maritime patrol aircraft over international waters in the eastern Mediterranean.

Street wars in France

This week a war erupted on the streets of Dijon in France. Dijon saw four nights of terror between feuding gangs who fired AK-47s into the air and set cars ablaze, its mayor has hit out at a lack of police action – but, after three terms in charge, he’s part of the problem, according to RT. Rival ethnic gangs have roamed the streets of the Dijon over the past four nights, burning cars, setting fire to trash cans, and brandishing AK-47 assault rifles and baseball bats. As they did so, the French gendarmerie stood by and watched events unfold, telling anyone who asked that it was all part of the strategy. If watching violence go unchecked and letting hooded thugs terrorize your neighbourhood passes for strategy then, maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a rethink. After spending four nights huddled inside their homes, terrified residents were then left puzzled when told by state prefect Bernard Schmeltz that the government’s policing goal was to “supervise and surround to avoid abuses,” because “it was the only practicable strategy.”

The first six months of 2020 has been terrible so far but it can only decline, it will not get better, the question is how deep will the decline go? Underlying problems such as the struggling economy can only get worse, millions of jobs have been lost. Food shortages are inevitable, poverty is certain to increase to unprecedented levels and the world population is about to top 8 billion. Tension and anger have increased to a boiling point, the future looks bleak, especially for Westerners who have enjoyed such a comfortable lifestyle for so long, something bigger than anger is at work here in 2020. Something dark and sinister, each and every one of us are knowingly or unknowingly battling a spiritual war inside us, a fight to the death for our very souls and I think most people are destined to lose. May God Bless you all.

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