Monday 1 June 2020

Mr Trump claims the US has regained its place as the world's leader in space, U.S. astronauts will soon land on Mars, Washington will soon have "the greatest weapons ever imagined in history." Don't believe the phoney hype, the world we know is about to crash

 The Iranian government has used the unrest in America as a sick propaganda tool

As our world spirals toward a great tribulation, who knows, even 'the great tribulation' mentioned in the Bible, the events this weekend have magnified the almost desperate situation mankind has fallen to in 2020. The Covid-19 Pandemic and the inevitable poverty, famine and worldwide civil unrest crisis which will surely follow, when, or if this terrible disease eventually goes away, will change our world forever, we may never fully recover as a species.

Our leaders, most of them revealing an incredible inadequacy to deal with this disaster are desperate to get the economy back up and running despite Saturday being the largest spike globally in a single day with nearly 150,000 people testing positive to the virus, (the previous highest day total was 120,000 just two days earlier), have we never learned? Surely, money should not come before people, now is not the time to be easing lockdowns, the virus is not slowing down it is spreading, faster than any time since it started. The poverty and famine factors have already taken root with millions of jobs gone up in smoke in just a couple of months with many of these losses, farms or food suppliers. The civil unrest is just starting but will surely erupt into a global frenzy when people begin to lose their homes and can't provide food for their families.

“Nero fiddled while Rome burned,”
According to President Trump this weekend, the United States has regained its place as the world's leader in space, that U.S. astronauts would soon land on Mars, and that Washington would soon have "the greatest weapons ever imagined in history."

I don't know how he will fund astronauts to Mars or build the greatest weapons, 'ever imagined' when the world economy falls into a mighty depression, maybe he should be spending the money on the many needy people struggling in the US, now is not the time to be show-boating Mr Trump, maybe the world has just about had enough of hearing this crap, I surely have. Meanwhile, civil unrest unfolded into the worst riots in decades this week as urban warfare spread in LA, Seattle, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, DC... Philly, Miami, Vegas, Cleveland, Denver, Des Moines, Dallas, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Kansas City... Pittsburgh, Columbia, Wilmington, Portland, Phoenix, Tampa, to name just a few after the appalling death of yet another black person inflicted by the police apparently for a 20 dollar bill. The death of Mr George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer pressed his knee on his neck until he stopped breathing alarmed not just Americans but the whole world.

Protests in London, Manchester and Birmingham in the UK as well as Berlin, Paris, Denmark and Italy in Europe In Brazil, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Rio de Janeiro state government palace to protest crimes committed by the police against black people in Rio’s working-class neighbourhoods, known as favelas. According to Reuters, over the weekend, Lebanese anti-government protesters flooded social media with tweets sympathetic to U.S. protesters, using the hashtag #Americarevolts. That’s a play on the slogan for Lebanon’s protest movement — Lebanon revolts — which erupted on Oct. 17 last year. Within 24 hours, the hashtag #Americanrevolts became the No. 1 trending tag in Lebanon.

In another expression of solidarity with American protesters, about 150 people marched through central Jerusalem on Saturday to protest the shooting death by Israeli police of an unarmed, autistic Palestinian man earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, the Iranian government has used the unrest in America as a sick propaganda tool. PressTV criticized Washington’s heavy-handed crackdown on protests against police racism and brutality, saying instead of using ‘vicious dogs and ominous weapons’, the US government should listen to the people and change its bankrupt policies. In a Tweet on Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry alluded to the fact that the current problems nagging the United States, including the self-created crisis following the COVID-19 outbreak, stem from the failure of the administration of President Donald Trump to keep its promise of stopping wasting money on foreign adventurism. Iran, of course, is one of the worlds most sickening regimes where protestors are often shot down in cold blood for daring to speak against the despot government, which is cruel and oppressive in the way they treat their own subjects.

What happened in America this week is a glimpse of a not too far away future, but the civil unrest will not only be in the U.S. but on a global scale, Westerners, especially are not prepared for what is about to unfold, if you haven't already, call on Jesus Christ, He will help you get through what is about to happen.

Here are figures from 'Our World In Data,' to compare other causes of death per year around the world: Almost 10 million people die of cancer per year and more than 50% are younger than 70 years old.

Around 10 million people die of hunger every year.

A child dies of hunger every 10 seconds.

5.5 million children under 5 years old die every year.

56 million people die every year.

Around 1 million people die from suicide every year.

500,000 people are murdered each year
2.6 million people die from pneumonia every year.

5 million people die from air pollution every year.

Nearly 1 billion people have a mental health disorder.

The world population is about to hit 8 billion.

In 2020 the above figures will explode in totals with hundreds of millions of job losses worldwide, a collapsing farming industry, a recession of the size the world has ever seen, which will cause millions of people worldwide to lose their homes, the next pandemic will be famine, civil unrest will follow on a scale never before seen, crime, murder, mental health and suicides will explode.

Lou Reed Strawman
We who have so much to you who have so little
To you who don't have anything at all
We who have so much more than anyone man does need
And you who don't have anything at all, ah
Does anybody need another million-dollar movie?
Does anybody need another million-dollar star?
Does anybody need to be told over and over
Spitting in the wind comes back at you twice as hard?

Strawman, going straight to the devil
Strawman, going straight to hell
Strawman, going straight to the devil
Strawman Strawman Strawman Strawman, yes

Does anyone really need a billion-dollar rocket?
Does anyone need a $60,000 car?
Does anyone need another president?
Or the sins of Swaggart parts 6, 7, 8 and 9? Ah
Does anyone need yet another politician
Caught with his pants down and money sticking in his hole?
Does anyone need another racist preacher?
Spittin' in the wind can only do you harm, ooohhh

Strawman, going straight to the devil
Strawman, going straight to hell
Strawman, going straight to the devil
Strawman Strawman Strawman Strawman, yes

Does anyone need another faulty shuttle
Blasting off to the moon, Venus or Mars?
Does anybody need another self-righteous rock singer
Whose nose he says has led him straight to God?
Does anyone need yet another blank skyscraper?
If you're like me I'm sure a minor miracle will do
A flaming sword or maybe a gold ark floating up the Hudson
When you spit in the wind it comes right back at you
Strawman, going straight to the devil
Strawman, going straight to hell
Strawman, going straight to the devil
Strawman Strawman Strawman Strawman


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Larry said...

Nice to see you back, Gary! Although some of his work had eliminated him as a reliable prophet, so much was true that I believe we still should consider his statements while under trance to be worth considering. I am speaking of Edgar Cayce. He never knew what was said while under his trances, but regarding the end days, he was always told that the timing and severity depended on how mankind treated one another. It was supposed to start between 1998 or so, to as far as 2014, as I recall. So Cayce was wrong. Or was he?

I was thinking that maybe since the world was getting along so well with the EU solving problems, and Obama bringing us together, that maybe the end days would be tempered.

But no, Satan would yet be satisfied with the conservative hate-mongers, and Fox News building a platform for twenty years, just waiting for their "messiah" - a pussy-grabbing, big-mouthed, draft-dodging a-hole that hates blacks just as much as half the whites in America. Strong man leaders like Duerte and Putin, Modi, and others are signs of this "spirit" around the world.

This change in events and attitudes is surely part of what we see unfolding now.

Cayce always said the timing and severity depended on mankind's behavior.
Therefore, I believe that the end days are here. There will be no more history. No more reincarnation. No more second chances.

Because of all this, I believe that Trump will still win, (with the devil and Fox News working together,) against all odds. He will win the upcoming election, even though the Democrats will take over Congress. Israel will be able to brazenly begin the reconstruction of the Great Temple. I think they are waiting for Trump's reelection before they start with their new phase.

And I also have decided that if Trump loses, we may have dodged the bullet - this time.

Peter said...

History proves that all empires eventually fail, regardless of how powerful they are ! It should clear to everyone that the US is in its last ''age''and that it's only a matter of time before it collapses. Who will be the new empire to rise to power ? That's anyone's guess.

Gary Walton said...

Why, Jesus of course, Peter.

Unknown said...

Amen to that Gary, even so come quickly Lord Jesus.

Unknown said...

You can't trust the spike numbers.. They could be testing more now than they did just to say we opened to soon!! At this point I don't trust much of anything gov or cdc or high up health officials says when it comes to this virus.. Trust God and pray for discernment..