Friday 3 April 2020

Covid-19: Day 95, Apr 3: More than a million cases! Almost a 1/4 of a million in the US: Cases have doubled in 8 days: 'Shoot them dead' (video): MENTAL HEALTH WARNINGS! Strange deaths reported in Italy: Bodies left in streets in Equador

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Gary Walton, Amsterdam April 3rd 2020.

Total confirmed cases yesterday almost 80,000. Total confirmed cases 1,021,001, almost 30,000 of these are in a critical condition. Total deaths pass 50,000 with a rising rate of 5'22%.

Coronavirus infections hit ONE MILLION worldwide after cases double in a week as pandemic explodes in the US and death tolls continue to rise in the UK, Italy and Spain - with over 50,000 now dead. The virus has killed more than 52,000 across the world with the largest number of deaths in Italy, then Spain. The first 100,000 cases of the coronavirus were reported in around 55 days and the first 500,000 in 76 days. Cases of the killer illness have doubled to one million within the past eight days and are continuing to increase. Total cases reported by Thursday grew 10 per cent from a day earlier, the first time the rate has hit double digits. DM 

Chris Cuomo Describes Coronavirus: "Wicked Phantasmagorical Experiences That Are Not Dreams". And then you can't sleep because you have a fever. And you have these wicked phantasmagorical experiences that are not dreams." "When I say I saw my father sitting on the end of the bed I would have gradually raised my hand and testify to it under oath. Why? Because of the fever," Cuomo added. Realclearpolitics

Obama drops coronavirus bombshell: It's all due to climate change! 'We can't afford any more consequences of denial' WND

10 million jobless in 2 weeks, in the US: Forget about returning to jobs as usual after coronavirus. Just in the last two weeks, new applications for unemployment benefits have reached an incredible 9.9 million. That’s 6 per cent of the entire workforce. That’s about as many job losses as there were in the entire 2008-2009 ­recession. NYP

JOHANNESBURG (AP) Extremists see global chaos from the virus as an opportunity — Both the Islamic State group and al-Qaida see the coronavirus as a threat, but some of their fighters also see the upheaval from the pandemic as an opportunity to win over more supporters and strike harder than before. Messages from the Islamic extremist groups show concern about the virus mixed with bravado, asserting that it is punishment for non-Muslims.  AP

Here Comes The Next Crisis: Up To 30% Of All Mortgages Will Default In "Biggest Wave Of Delinquencies In History". Unlike in the 2008 financial crisis when a glut of subprime debt, layered with trillions in CDOs and CDO squared, sent home prices to stratospheric levels before everything crashed scarring an entire generation of homebuyers, this time the housing sector is facing a far more conventional problem: the sudden and unpredictable inability of mortgage borrowers to make their scheduled monthly payments as the entire economy grinds to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. Zerohedge

'Shoot them dead': extreme Covid-19 lockdown policing around the world. We look at some of the extreme strategies governments are using to police their citizens – from teargas and death threats to beatings and chemicals – video report. 

Navy fires captain who sought help for a virus-stricken ship. WASHINGTON (AP) — The captain of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier facing a growing outbreak of the coronavirus on his ship was fired Thursday by Navy leaders who said he created a panic by sending his memo pleading for help to too many people. Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said the ship’s commander, Capt. Brett Crozier “demonstrated extremely poor judgment” in the middle of a crisis. AP

Spain, Italy & UK stats suggest Covid-19 may be peaking in Europe already (even if the financial devastation is still to come).
With signs, France and Italy maybe near peak coronavirus, and with warmer weather on the way, the virus may soon run out of steam, even if economic carnage still lies ahead. The phrase “flattening the peak” has become familiar to billions since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. But when, if ever, will this peak hit? And how will we recognise it when it does? Let’s investigate what we might term ‘peakonomics’... RT

MENTAL HEALTH WARNINGS! Health chief's new coronavirus warning as he admits 'we are definitely worried' Dr Hans Kluge, from the World Health Organization, has expressed fears the toll of being on lockdown and in isolation may have on people's mental health during the coronavirus crisis. Star

European leaders warn coronavirus could lead to the breakup of their union. The cohesion of the European Union had been battered by Brexit, bruised by the political fallout from the 2015 migration surge and the 2008 financial crisis, and challenged by rising autocracy in the east that runs contrary to the professed ideals of the European project. WP

Experts, Trump’s advisers doubt White House’s 240,000 coronavirus deaths estimate. The experts said they don’t challenge the numbers’ validity but said they don’t know how the White House arrived at them. MSN

UN Security Council to discuss coronavirus pandemic for the first time says a source Now the countries consider it reasonable to discuss the influence of the pandemic on the issues controlled by the Security Council. UN, April 3. /TASS/. Nine out of 15 United Nations Security Council’s nations have requested an online meeting to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on all issues on the UNSC agenda, a source in the organization told Tass

Japan to give 200,000 yen in cash to each household in need.
The Japanese government has decided to give 200,000 yen ($1,850) in cash to each household struggling with falling incomes amid the spread of the new coronavirus, officials with knowledge of the matter said Friday. Kyodo

Strange Covid-19 deaths reported in Italy’s Lombardy New strange peculiarities of Covid-19 disease were reported in Italy's Lombardy, where Russian specialists, among others, work to help the local population disinfect medical facilities. In the town of Gromo, several cases were reported when people, who were tested positive for coronavirus, would simply fall asleep and did not wake up. As it was said, those individuals did not have any serious symptoms of the disease before they died. Pravda

China refutes U.S. officials' accusations of concealing the extent of the virus. BEIJING, April 2 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday refuted several United States intelligence officials' accusations that China concealed the extent of the coronavirus epidemic and under-reported the number of the COVID-19 cases and deaths, and noted that such remarks were "shameless and immoral." Xinhua

Bodies left in streets as COVID-19 overwhelms Ecuador.
April 2 (UPI) -- The climbing death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in Ecuador's largest city, Guayaquil, has left morgues overwhelmed, causing some bodies to be wrapped in plastic and left lying in the streets. Other bodies lie unclaimed in the city's hospitals and clinics as deaths outpace the city's ability to bury COVID-19 victims. UPI

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