Tuesday 17 March 2020

Dear readers and friends. If you are waiting for reports or updates, well I got sick this weekend I have pneumonia from a bacteria and NOT a virus: Hope to be back in the saddle sometime later this week.

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Dear readers and friends. If you are waiting for reports or updates, well I got sick this weekend and a scare too, a 39.6 fever, along with breathing difficulties, a headache and aching muscles led me to believe I had, contracted the coronavirus...I was tested on Monday at home and the doc said I had contracted pneumonia, from a bacteria and not a virus, I am slowly improving but very weak but I  hope to be back in the saddle sometime later this week. Thanks once again for your wonderful support.


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Unknown said...

Was wondering if you were ok. Get plenty of rest and I pray you feel better sooner than later.

Rj said...

Yes, stay home and fight it out..I got nagging cough for four days, home too.

Standingfirm said...

Hi Gary,
So very glad to hear that you do not have coronavirus! Thank God. Please rest and get well. Drink plenty of liquids, try to sit in the sunshine if you can. The world has gone mad right now. Saw a video of three women in a fist fight over toilet paper! There is none to be had as people are hoarding it! You would think it was made out of spun gold! My state in the USA is on lock down for three weeks to try and slow any spread of the virus. I pray it works. Again, please get well.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I do “religiously” Gary is to take care of my own health. I refuse to go to a doctor FOR ANYTHING!!! That could change so long as the doctor I visit is a naturopath who understands the value of natural, legitimate, holistic health-care. ALL medical “professionals” have been trained in government-controlled brain-washing factories called schools which rely heavily on Big Pharma prescription drugs, vaccines and other synthetic, patent-able, medications.

The traditional sick-care and pharmaceutical industries, along with most hospitals and their so-called healthcare facilities, ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF CURING ILLNESS!!! They are in business TO MAKE M-O-N-E-Y AND THEIR AIN’T NO MONEY TO BE MADE FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN HEALTH!!! IOW, school students, at all levels of the corrupt system, are programmed for failure to a money-centered criminal establishment.

I’ve been on my own self-care health protocol for over 3 decades and I haven’t had a single day, in all of that time, where I have been incapacitated due to any kind of disease or illness. YOU, GARY, NEED TO GET ON THE SAME SELF-CARE PROTOCOL ASAP!!! Your contribution to humanity via The Big Wobble is too important to risk getting shut down!!!

One source of naturopathic information (in the U.S.) is:

Just a few, OF MANY, things that I personally do, but during Winter Time especially, or when epidemics or pandemics occur or when I’ve been exposed to sick people or questionable environments, is to start taking mega doses (1,000 to 2,000 mg, depending) of Vitamin C three times per day (morning, mid-day and evening) along with at least 2 table-spoons of self-made, 10 ppm (parts per million) colloidal silver (CS) solution for five days in a row. The rest of the time I just do this once-per-day. Of course I also take many other vitamin and mineral supplements on a daily basis as well along with living a risk-free life-style, or, as risk-free as is possible in a thoroughly trashed, polluted and criminal global environment.


You can order your own CS generator at: https://www.elixa.com/shop/silvonic/ .

The cost for basic equipment (Silvonic Pro CS Generator), as of today, is $195.00 U.S.

Note: You will also HAVE TO USE STEAM-DISTILLED WALTER to “brew” your 10 ppm CS solution. NEVER EVER USE ANYTHING ELSE!!! Don’t know about where you live but, here in the U.S., steam-distilled water is available in 1 gallon jugs at many food stores. If that’s not an option available for you, you can purchase your own counter-top steam distiller unit and carbon-filter packets at the same Elixa web site.

Best of luck. AND STAY SAFE!!!

Anonymous said...

Missed your updates and wondered. Hope you are back in good health soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary,get well!

Taddie said...

stay safe Gary and thanks for all your work

Anonymous said...

If you have pneumonia, don't be in a hurry to get back to work. It zaps your energy and relapses are very common. I know; have had it 20 times in about 14 years. Take it slow and BE well.

Larry said...

Desire is prayer, and I greatly desire a speedy recovery for you, Gary. We miss you, (or maybe it's just your articles. ;) Rest and breath and heal.

LT said...

Gary, please rest. We need you!

Rebecca Bonnell said...

Praying for you Dear Gary to be given a Huge Healing Hug from our Dear Lord Christ Jesus. GOD BLESS X

Green Sleeves said...

I hope that you get better quickly. I will be praying for your quick and complete recovery

Unknown said...

Get well soon! I will miss your informative articles.

Gary Walton said...

Same here Standinffirm, crazy days

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, everyone, I'm touched, I'm beginning to feel a little bit better but as some of you said it saps your strength, speak to all soon

Clive said...

Oil of Oregano taken 3 times daily
Colloidal Silver @ 30PPM taken 3 times daily
2G of Vitamin C taken daily or to bowel tolerance (saturation level)
*Couple bulbs of chopped and crushed raw garlic daily is optional.

Avoid petroleum based poisons otherwise known as pharmaceuticals.
Rest, hydrate and keep a positive mindset throughout... :)

Peter said...

So good to hear from you Gary and it's great news that you are not another Coronavirus statistic ! I know I can say that all of your followers thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery.
Regards, Peter.

believer in Jesus Christ said...

Gary, praying for your quick recovery. Jesus Christ is with you, holding your hand. Rest, rest and more rest.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should watch this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh1T4c3wP8I&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0wZdRS0eIXVdKTgm2s4Ous4EuZXsXk5qIkNIZN2iGk4ePpMSiCkETAjYo

Lucille said...

Dear Gary,

God Bless you and continue to keep you safe. From a cranky old nurse HYDRATE & Elevate.

Ray said...

Sir, Get well and take care.

Anonymous said...

Gary, so good to hear from you. I searched for your newsletters in my email and your site and thought you probably had better things to do.

I recommend to everybody information on keeping oneself healthy from:

Andrew Saul, PhD, Orthomolecular.org - Esp use of vitamin C that cured Dr Saul's own (viral) pneumonia; he used ascorbic acid at incredibly high doses and recovered quickly; at home. I use between 20-30g right now to avoid being and having my husband be force quarantined and removed from our pets should we show any signs of any cold (I take multiple doses of 4g a day). Everybody's needs are different and change with your health state. The level required at a time should ideally be assessed by a vitamin C 'loading test' you can do (search for it with Dr. Saul's name e.g.)
Vitamin C is a long-tested and safe antiviral.
My MD brother (in Austria) uses IV vit C for himself and his family. But one can reach high enough levels with oral dosing as Dr Saul etc describe.

I also use vitamin D, as always. People w/o sun access need to take more D supplement. We use selenium, zinc, and should any cold strike, I'd add vitamin A. I also use supplemental Mg as I find I need it esp now that the government has poisoned our neighborhood (not the ones of affluent people) with microwave small cells (5G antennas). Further, I also use 1tsp colloidal silver (which I also use topically on infections on our animals as it won't hurt them as most pharmaceutical topicals, esp. if ingested).

Dr. Brownstein is the person to check out for his recommendations on: vitamin C, A, D, iodine, and Mg. If sick he recommends very high doses for A (100 000U), C (5-10g) and D (50 000U) (if pregnant use cautions with too high vit A).

Dr. Sircus is an expert on alkalinity, the use of Mg, sodium bicarbonate etc. His information helped me survive (so far at least) in the 5G environment I am unfortunately stuck in.
[Although he believes in global cooling, he is a great doctor who shares his knowledge generously]

I further find this website important so we get access to 'other' information we don't hear from our governments (at least not those I know):
Interestingly, most people have already been brain washed and are not accepting these news.

Gary, and everybody, become and stay healthy and thank you for all the good you're doing.

ShelleyB said...

Still praying for you, Gary. God Bless you, take it easy and get well soon. WFS!!! Maranatha!