Monday 30 March 2020

Covid-19: Day 91: Mar 30th: Countries affected 193/195: Armed 'vigilantes': 3/4 OF A MILLION CASES: Could kill 200,000 Americans: Trump claims he saved 2 million: 2 million infected in the UK, now slowing: Almost 50,000 died in Wuhan?

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Countries affected 193/195. Confirmed cases yesterday 70,000, with total, confirmed cases 726,187,  25,000 of them in critical condition. Deaths have reached 34,000 at a death rate of 4.68%.

As the virus makes goodbyes hard, fears of many more rise in the US. The coronavirus outbreak could kill 100,000 to 200,000 Americans, the U.S. government’s top infectious-disease expert warned on Sunday as family members described wrenching farewells through hospital windows with dying loved ones. AFP

Armed 'vigilantes' on Maine island 'cut down a tree and use it as a roadblock to quarantine. Police said they were called on Friday afternoon to reports of 'several people with guns' threatening one man who had left his home to see why his cable service was down. DM

Fake animal news abounds on social media as coronavirus upends life Bogus stories of wild animals flourishing in quarantined cities give false hope
—and viral fame. SCATTERED AMID A relentless barrage of news about COVID-19 case surges, quarantine orders, and medical supply shortages on Twitter this week, some happy stories softened the blows: Swans had returned to deserted Venetian canals. Dolphins too. And a group of elephants had sauntered through a village in Yunnan, China, gotten drunk off corn wine, and passed out in a tea garden. NG

The Coronavirus Disinformation System: How It Works. Besides viruses, what else is terribly contagious? Lies, of course.


UK's coronavirus outbreak is 'starting to slow' but deaths will keep rising, says government expert Neil Ferguson as he suggests up to 2 million people might already have been infected. DM

Locals in Wuhan believe 42,000 people may have died in the coronavirus outbreak there not the 3,200 claimed by Chinese authorities. DM

Trump makes the stark admission a US virus death toll of up to 200,000 means 'we will have done a good job' and claims his actions saved TWO MILLION - as lockdown extends until April 30 and death toll soars past 2,500. DM

"What Is Really Essential"? In The US Golf And Guns, In France Wine And Pastries. Among countless other unprecedented changes and transformation, the coronavirus pandemic has unveiled an odd divergence within global cultures: the definition of what's deemed "essential" for people across the world, and what things we really can't do without, even though we might not need most of them for survival. ZH

The EU's Betrayal Of Italy May Be Its Undoing. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a greater toll on Italy than any other nation. The Italians are facing their most severe crisis since the Second World War, with Lombardy in the industrial north particularly hard hit. Yet for all its rhetoric about global citizenship and solidarity, the European Union has all but abandoned them. ZH

In France, Covid-19 lockdown is for everyone… almost: Gang-ridden, immigrant-populated suburbs ‘NOT A PRIORITY’ for police. While French Covid-19 lockdown rules declare fines of nearly €4,000 for citizens repeatedly flouting quarantine, a secretary of state has reportedly admitted poor, gang-riddled suburbs will be left to their own devices. RT

US AWOL on the global stage as it becomes a new epicentre of coronavirus. A little over a month after President Donald Trump claimed that the coronavirus was pretty “much under control,” the United States has officially become the new epicentre of the global pandemic. The COVID-19 cases in the country have reached a grim milestone, surpassing those in China, and the death toll continues to skyrocket by the day. PressTV

Spain wakes to more restrictive lockdown as New York state passes 1,000 deaths Moscow announces lockdown of 12m people; Syria records first death . Guardian

Italy and Spain suffer record deaths as coronavirus infection rate surges. Italy has logged a shocking spike in its already staggering coronavirus death toll, with officials warning the peak of the crisis was still days away, as the global infection rate surges relentlessly upwards. The Local

Air pollution plunges in European cities amid coronavirus lockdown: satellite data. Reuters

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Hawkeye said...

Hello from SWFL, USA. It was good to read comments from yesterdays post 'A letter from Holland' to hear voices and opinions. Thanks for that Gary! Hope you're feeling better!
I wanted to follow up on one of those comments near the end of them from "Ed," who wrote about fudged corona numbers to fear monger the world. I also had/have doubt's about the facts told to us because of the GW situation and its very possible connection to the pandemic. The Holland letter post began with unusual skies being seen, and then went into the virus mode. Interesting. Realize you combined those two because they are connected, but did you realize it?
Point in fact.
Is it a coincidence the earth is in a very serious melt down and death spiral from GW but covered up well from public acknowledgement. We are seeing now massive food shortages , but hoarding is blamed as it is occurring and always does ocurr during any emergency crisis, exactly like when we in FL have a hurricane coming. But did anyone notice before this pandemic went viral (excuse the pun!) that grocery store shelves were already seeing big holes in them, especially in bottled water and meat/produce sections?

Then there are our skies, for ten long years hard and decades of soft application prior, extreme weather conditions killing farmers and crops, debt beyond belief, all other factors remain unconnected if you listen only to the news, but if you are noticing they are not so unconnected it seems. So, giving credence to Eds post but don't let your guard down. Even as some of us see the dots connecting there is some harmful pathogen out there. Our times mimic the old wives tale of 'the boy who cried wolf', and so is the wolf really here this time is one other reason that raises doubt in some minds.
Gary, I feel if you did not realize why you combined those two seemingly unrelated instances in that one post, then I believe God was behind your thoughts there. Ask Him!
I really want to stay positive, nothing more I would like then a couple weeks off from this world but how many can afford that!? This is the problem with the lockdowns, cell phone carriers want to be paid, banks want to be paid, car ins. wants to be paid, can't get food if you can't pay for it, utility companies want to be paid, etc etc., and so how do you lockdown and pay without savings or income? You can't.
So, many other conditions are in this pandemic mix leading me to assume , as I try to stay positive, that we are not going back to what used to be normal.
Is God allowing all of this to force us to connect to Him as we sit alone locked in our homes? I think so as faith has told us to do that in general. If you think like that then you can smile during all this evil because again as our faith has told us no matter what evil doers hit us with, if God allows it it is for our own good, and that good is locking us down forces us to turn to God in the silence of our lockdown. Think about that and the power it can release collectively and how evil can huff and puff and threaten to take your house down but it can't win because God's amazing grace turns that deceit and fear in to a magnificent blessing. So acknowledge that! Focus on that and focus on "I am well". Delete any thinking contrary to that no matter what conditions are upon us. Focus on what is good not what is bad. Belief it or not this thinking is a big part of evils plan to all things negative.
Use caution absolutely because something is sickening people terribly now. Regardless of fudged numbers or not there is a plague upon us without doubt but you don't have to be a part of it if you use Gods power within you and all of us.

Time to get positively collectively connected folks! I see Him coming in the sky behind the geoenginerred clouds of poison. That is positive. Exciting even! Let this toxic evil corruption world go to hell! Why are we not doing that?
Thank you for your time to consider this.

llibllens said...

What is GW?

llibllens said...

What is GW ?

Gary Walton said...

Llibllens...Global Warming.