Wednesday 4 March 2020

Covid-19: Day 65: Mar 4th: CDC COVER-UP, removed numbers: Seattle, 'ghost town,': Protective gear ‘rapidly depleting’: UK, one in every five workers go off sick: Tensions escalate in the US

Covid-19: Day 65: Mar 4th: Summary

Countries affected 81 with the total of confirmed cases at 93,111 of which 7,054 are in critical condition. Deaths, 3,203 at a rate of 3.44%.

CDC COVER-UP: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has removed a running tally of the number of people tested for coronavirus in the US. The deletion comes amid questions over the number of people tested in the US, and suggestions that the low number of tests could limit the countries' response to the spread of the disease. Independent

Panic buying hits Australia. Japan cancels tsunami memorial. WHO warns protective gear ‘rapidly depleting’. Chinese services sector falls to the lowest level since the GFC. Guardian

Washington state residents struggle to get tested. In Washington state, where the coronavirus has claimed nine lives, residents on Tuesday reported a frustrating array of misinformation and obstacles as they were seeking to get tested. Iran to mobilise 300,000 soldiers and volunteers as 23 MPs infected. Guardian

What Happens in Vegas if No One Stays in Vegas? DNYUZ

Seattle feels like 'ghost town,' business owners say as they face life in coronavirus hot spot As the death toll in Washington climbed, Seattle's mayor declared a civil emergency and businesses braced for economic fallout. NBC

Boris's 'battle plan' blow by blow: Troops on the streets, police murder investigations put on hold and patients turfed out of hospitals as one in every five workers go off sick and town halls are put on 'death watch' Daily Mail

Fake News. Masks selling at 6 times higher than normal, WHO. A series of adverts for face masks have been banned for claiming to protect people from coronavirus. Independent

Greedy bosses! Lack of sick pay and poor access to healthcare risks the rapid spread of infections across the US and UK, governments warned Workers forced to choose between ‘health and hardship’ as numbers infected by deadly virus rise around the world. Independent

Coronavirus-quarantined nursing home residents "held hostage in a petri dish," the relative says. CBS

ON THE FRONT LINES: The Surreal Scene Inside America’s Coronavirus Hot Zone. Coronavirus has swept through a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington. Daily Beast

Cabin Fever: Being quarantined during the coronavirus outbreak could have a long-lasting psychological impact. Yahoo

Coronavirus: What can we learn from the Spanish flu? BBC

More paradoxical advice! British life on hold for THREE MONTHS: Coronavirus shutdown could see Britons told to 'avoid contact outside work and school' (OK for contact inside work????)  with eating out, pub visits and events stopped – as NHS says scare is a highest-level emergency. Mail Online

Inside the coronavirus bunkers: Australian mums show off their stockpiles of pasta, toilet paper and even Doritos as they prepare their pantries for a virus pandemic. Daily Mail

Iran: Seventy-seven people have died and 2,336 have been infected by the coronavirus, Iran's Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi said in an announcement on state TV on Tuesday. Iran has had the highest number of deaths from the coronavirus outside of China, where the virus originated. RSOE

Some 2,263 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Italy, 428 up on Monday, and 79 people have now died with it, 27 up, emergency commissioner and civil protection chief Angelo Borrelli said Tuesday. Some 160 people have recovered, 11 more than Monday, he said. RSOE

Tensions over fast-spreading coronavirus escalate in the US. PressTV

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks again for this compilation of news!

We may want to consider that this 'pandemic' is a way for the bank-run UN to finally achieve a 'United World' where the masses are being better controlled than they are know. 5G may have been rolled out in major cities in such a hurry to hasten this process. It damages our bodies even more than the previous wireless generations (I unfortunately know personally that this is a true statement and now I understand better all previous reports I read on 'electromagnetic sensitivity').

Combined with the esp. nano-sized conductive elements from air, water and soil (administered not only by industry but also intentional climate engineering), medications (e.g., vaccines), dental processes and other medical interventions (implants etc) we all have become great antennas; which unfortunately compromises our physiology. Our cells are stressed also by GMOs (in food, medications) and pesticides which compromise our physiology further, breaking down for example our gut lining, blood brain barrier, and potentially every cell membrane in our bodies - esp. if combined with artificial EMFs. 5G and other wireless radiation (incl. radiofrequencies used for 'climate engineering' and the military) play havoc with our bodies. Our immune systems get weakened, DNA breaks and can't be repaired, latent infections and biological compounds introduced to our bodies through e.g., GMOs or vaccines, can get 'activated' and we can't make the connections.

5G and this pandemic may go hand in hand to enslave the masses, possibly reduce the population, so that control-enhancing measures like 'a green new deal' can be achieved for the survivors who then can control the remaining loose strings of all modern human life.

Evil vs good. In the end we know who will win although the dark forces don't understand how the game is played.

Anyway. Strengthen your bodies and minds. And keep an eye out for each other and the dangerous absurdities the rulers provide for us via their agencies and state-controlled media.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for the input, as Jesus said in Matt 24: See that you are not alarmed, for these things must take place, but the end is not yet.