Tuesday 3 March 2020

Covid-19: Day 64: Mar 3d: Ex-Ethics Chief, White House, "punish anyone who leaks information": Stop buying masks, US Surgeon: FEMA preparing for virus emergency: Confirmed cases above 90,000: German football club ejects Japanese fans from stadium: Spike! 75 countries affected

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Covid-19: Day 64: Mar 3rd: Summary

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A big spike in affected countries around the world yesterday bringing the total to 75. Total confirmed cases now at 90.927, 6,806 of these people are in a critical condition. The death toll is 3,123 at a rate of 3.43%. https://wuhanviruslive.com/

Another whistleblower is missing in China! ‘They’re chasing me’: the journalist who wouldn’t stay quiet on Covid-19 Li Zehua is missing, presumed detained. He’s one of many for whom the coronavirus crisis has led to a political awakening and a demand for free speech. Guardian 

China confirmed a new record low in confirmed cases since the early days of the outbreak at 125. This officially brings the total up to 80,151- the smallest increase since the outbreak began. WIKIPEDIA

Don't come here! Chinese regions announce restrictions on foreigners coming into their areas. The Pope, who is ill, tests negative for the virus. The WHO says the virus is "unique" but stresses it can be contained. BBC 

Coronavirus live updates: South Korea cases approach 5,000 as WHO says the world in 'uncharted territory'. WHO experts arrive in Iran. Guardian

Donald Trump publicly spars with nation's top coronavirus expert Dr Tony Fauci as he demands vaccine in a 'couple of months' - and epidemic chief tells him: 'Like I told you, a year.' DM

Ex-Ethics Chief Leaks White House Strict Rules of Secrecy in Coronavirus Case. Walter Shaub, the former Director of the Office of Government Ethics, disclosed that the administration of President Donald Trump has warned to punish anyone who leaks information on COVD-19 epidemic without White House approval. Fars

Stop buying masks for covid-19, US Surgeon general says. PressTV

"SUPERSPREADERS."Children could 'fuel the spread of coronavirus because they don't show signs of the killer infection but pass it along to adults'. DM

FEMA preparing for possible coronavirus emergency declaration "To me, this is another indication that the president and the White House are finally aware of the gravity of the situation," said former FEMA official Michael Coen. NBC

Trump says it's safe to hold rallies amid coronavirus outbreak...“I think it’s very safe.” The Hill

Major Airline passenger tracking: U.S. officials are pressuring airline executives to turn over the email addresses and phone numbers of international passengers as the Trump administration tries to track who may have been exposed to the coronavirus. The Hour

WHO chief: No evidence Iran covering up the severity of coronavirus crisis. In Iran, it has claimed 66 lives and infected 1,501 others, 291 of whom have recovered. PressTV

‘This is called RACISM’: German football club RB Leipzig slammed after kicking out Japanese fans over coronavirus fears. RT

Another whistleblower is missing in China! ‘They’re chasing me’: the journalist who wouldn’t stay quiet on Covid-19 Li Zehua is missing, presumed detained. He’s one of many for whom the coronavirus crisis has led to a political awakening and a demand for free speech. Guardian
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In general, we humans are always easily ready to blame things we see as problems onto groups of others.

P.S.: there will be a webinar by Dr. Andrew Saul who has been in contact with doctors in China and Korea. Apparently, vitamin C is being used successfully as preventative and curative. You can sign up for this online event here: https://andrewsaulcourse.com/corona-webinar-optin/
I share this info so that more people can look out for themselves and their loved ones.

Thanks for this ongoing news collection, Gary!
Stay safe everybody.