Monday 17 February 2020

"Six-meter of snow" covered parts of Iran: Snow covering many Arab States including Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Jordan: Baghdad only the second time snow has fallen in 100 years: Antarctic warmer than Dubai

The photo shows a snow blockade on the Mahabad-Bokan road in the northwestern province of West Azarbaijan. Credit Iran Daily
Six-meter of snow covered the Qarah Bolagh district in the northwestern province of West Azarbaijan of Iran, a provincial official said Monday. The heavy snowfall blocked the Mahabad-Bukan road in the northwestern province for the third day on Monday, Head of Mahabad’s Road Maintenance and Transportation Office Mohsen Khademi said, IRNA reported.

The heavy snowfall, which began on Saturday in Iran’s western and northwestern provinces, caused some roadblocks in the region. The snowstorm has been unprecedented in the region for the past few years, the official said. Khademi added a number of cars and vehicles belonging to the office, including two snow grinders, were completely buried under a mound of snow.

The road maintenance team rescued 25 people trapped in the snowstorm along the roads in areas in the province, Khademi said. The official also said that the weather conditions prevented the emergency services from reaching the cars trapped in the snow. Also, snowfall continued until Tuesday in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran in the north of Iran. Iran Daily

Saudi Arabia shivers in the worst cold spell 

Saudi Arabia is experiencing its coldest weather since 2016, meteorologists said Thursday, with overnight temperatures dropping below zero in the country’s north over the past two days. Temperature hits minus 5 degrees Celsius.

In Tarif, on the border with Jordan, the temperature hit minus 5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), according to the weather services. It dropped to minus three in Hail further southeast, and minus 2 in Arar on the border with Iraq. In the capital Riyadh, the temperature dipped close to zero and the streets were deserted Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

The desert kingdom is known for its extreme heat, particularly during summer. Intense cold “The country is experiencing its most intense cold snap since 2016,” Hassan Abdallah from the Wasm meteorological centre, told AFP Thursday. Siasat Daily

Baghdad, Iraq carpeted in white from only its second snowfall in a century

In neighbouring Iraq, where summers are also scorching, Baghdad residents woke up Tuesday to find the city carpeted in white from only its second snowfall in a century. The last recorded snowfall in the city was in 2008.

Antarctic temperatures higher than Dubai

Record temperatures in Antarctica have put the icy continent at the same temperature as Dubai. The scorching temperatures were recorded by Brazilian scientists on Seymour Island. And they were nearly a degree higher than the previous record of 19.8°C recorded on Signy Island in January 1982. In fact, the temperatures recorded last week of 20.75°C in Antarctica were actually higher than in Dubai where temperatures hovered just below 20°C. The unwanted record comes a week after the Antarctic Peninsula recorded temperatures of 18.3°C, the highest ever recorded on the mainland. Dubai Land

Antarctica Was Warmer Than Tel Aviv

The Climate Change Stories on Our Radar: In February, the daytime temperature in Tel Aviv averages 64.5 degrees, 4 degrees lower than the temperatures recorded last week of 20.75°C, (almost 70 deg F.) Haaretz

  Climate Change 2020

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Lao Shi said...

Engineered weather.

Unknown said...

Climate Change = Climate Control = Weather Warfare.
Sad Days on Mother Earth.

daelv said...

wowee wow! insane! for Americans, that's like 18 feet deep

Kathleen said...

So much for the global warming scam...oh wait, now they're calling it climate change. They can't make up their minds the mainstay of their ploy seems to center on convincing the people that we are causing it so we need to send them money to make new laws, promote depopulation and meanwhile planet x/ Nubiru planetary system is looming right above us with the main planet five times the size of the Earth and made of iron oxide has an incredibly strong magnetic pull that is bringing magma to the surface of the earth, changing the magnetic poles of the earth and causing the earth to wobble. It's bringing up volcanoes, causing plate shifts with earthquakes and even in the oceans magma surfaces and heats the water causing changes in the currents. But that isn't enough for these goons. They have to mess with our atmosphere spreading continual chemtrails, thus spreading aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxic medals all over our homes, communities, forests and agriculture lands and soil causing food poisoning and destruction of the soil. And now out west we have our rains driven away by chemtrail skies before the forecasted storms and fires start, being laden with chemicals and metals from chemtrails, which burn extra hot and are almost impossible to put out. And the mainstream media propaganda continues to convince snowflakes we as citizens are causing all this and therefore have to ban straws, do without cars and cow farts, along with other rediculous laws.

AussieBloke said...

Context is important.while Seymour Island is technically part of Antarctica, its over 2500km from the south Pole!
It's only a few hundred km from the southern tip of Argentina.