Sunday 9 February 2020

Ireland, UK and Western Europe brace for a battering: Storm Ciara brings hurricane force winds and flooding: Highest waves could exceed 15 meters / 50 feet: Wind gusts 100mph, (160 km/h)

Storm Ciara approaches Holland: Photo

Wind warnings are in place across Ireland and the UK this afternoon as Storm Ciara with hurricane-force wind gusts approaching 100mph, (160 km/h). Hundreds of flights into and out of European airports were cancelled as Britain's biggest storm in seven years swept into Scotland, with the rest of the UK being issued with several weather warnings. More flooding is guaranteed to an already flood drenched UK which has endured storms and flooding since late September 2019.

The video below is a webcam from where I live in Holland, the rough seas began here this morning around 10 am. The seas are expected to become much worse than the video with Severe Weather Europe claiming the highest waves could exceed 15 meters / 50 feet through late tonight and on Monday!


Update, she's ramping it up: 3pm

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Taddie said...

stay safe Gary - I was thrilled to see that Mike Adams platform now feature your website on it - more exposure for your work

Gary Walton said...

Oh, Tadie, I didn't know, could you get me a link?

Larry said...

Gary, I checked it out, is found at the bottom of the front page. Links to your site are not working because they have "https", and your site is "http". (BTW, being "https" will help stop the folks that are planting trojans.)
A geek friend of mine recently told me that changes are taking place soon that will not allow the viewing of sites unless they have their own "https" certificates. My site is "https" but it is a "shared" certificate. He says my site will be inaccessible as well when the changes take place. I will wait and see...

Gary Walton said...

Its all above my head Larry to be honest