Thursday 6 February 2020

Don't believe the phoney hype! Chinese diplomat for London suggested today the US had 10,000 deaths from flu this season: These figures are probably fake but no lockdown, against 536 deaths and a 70 million lockdown: It's lies

President Xi Jinping said on Feb. 5 that China is “confident and capable” of handling the coronavirus

It took eight hours for a doctor to see Wu Chen’s mother after she arrived at the hospital. Eight days later, she was dead. The doctor was “99% sure” she had contracted the mysterious pneumonia-like illness sweeping China’s central city of Wuhan, Wu says, but he didn’t have the testing kit to prove it. And despite the 64-year-old’s fever and perilously low oxygen levels, there was no bed for her. We tried two more hospitals over the next week, but all were overrun. By Jan. 25, her mother was slumped on the tile floor of an emergency room, gasping for air, drifting in and out of consciousness. “We didn’t want to see my mom die on the floor, so we took her home,” says Wu, 30. “She passed the next day.” Time

How many videos have we seen or stories we have read like the one above, yet, we are told to stop publishing fake news but yet, the official figures don't stack up? 536 deaths as of yesterday with more than 70 million in lockdown, the figures don't add up folks, we are being lied too. I don't want to jump on the "fake news" bandwagon but what they are telling us is wrong, very wrong. True death figures must be very alarming, 70 million in lockdown. "It's very difficult to imagine how the elderly, frail and disabled citizens living alone will get through this?" They MUST be dying now in the hundreds, if not in the thousands. Today China declared they were shutting down lifts in high-rise flats to keep people at home! Let me ask you a question, is that normal behaviour for a virus that has killed just 536 people in a month? Who is spreading fake news here?

The Chinese diplomat for London suggested today on the BBC that the world is overreacting and publishing false news about the virus and that the US has had 10,000 deaths from flu this season. 10,000 deaths may be fake news in its self from the diplomat but even so, if we go along with his figures, 10,000 deaths and no lockdown, against 536 deaths and a 70 million lockdown, what? Why would the Chinese government lockdown 70 million people for a virus that carries just a 2.1% death rate? People look at the videos and pictures. People are walking all over this vast country in hazmat suits, for 536 deaths, are we nuts?


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The flu virus is currently the king of viruses worldwide for hospital visits and death, but once the Wuhan Coronavirus spreads to every continent and port cities, It could be the new king of widespread infections and death. I pray it does not.