Monday 2 December 2019

The first major quake of December belongs to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska: A magnitude 6.0 rocks the volcanic Islands recording the 132nd major quake of 2019


A magnitude 6.0 Earthquake - the Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska is the first major quake of December 2019. According to the USGS, the quake struck early this morning.
As you can see with the map above, (credit Alaska Earthquake Centre) the area is well known for its volcanic activity. According to the Alaska Earthquake Centre, almost 46,000 quakes have been recorded this year in Alaska alone.

The area is not earthquake shy, according to the USGS, there has been well over a 100 major quakes (mag 6 or higher) this century, see map above. Today's quake was the 132nd major quake of 2019, with most of them striking The Pacific Ring Of Fire, see map below.
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