Tuesday 5 November 2019

Two major quakes strike the Southern Hemisphere, a magnitude 6.6 -Tonga and a mag 6.1- Chile bringing the year total to 118


Last night two major quakes struck the Southern Hemisphere, a magnitude 6.6 - 136km W of Neiafu, Tonga and a mag 6.1 - 28km SW of Illapel, Chile took Novembers total of major quakes to three after the magnitude  6.1 -rocked South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands on Sunday. It brings the total to 118 major quakes so far in 2019.

Last month, October 2019 was very quiet with just 6 major quakes recorded for the whole month.

Is 2019 producing more major quakes than other years? 

At the same period last year, 2018, 110 major quakes had been reported. In 2017, only 88 major quakes were reported, the year total for 2017 was the lowest recorded this century. In 2016, 116 were recorded and 2015, 122.

Major Quakes

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