Thursday 21 November 2019

A total of 3 major quakes shake the ring of fire on Wednesday: M 6.1 rocks Laos at its border with Thailand: A mag 6.3 shakes Russia and a mag 6.3 Mexico, struck earlier in the day.

An earthquake measuring 6.1 in magnitude rocked Laos at its border with Thailand. The earthquake struck close to Muang Nan near northern Thailand by the Laos border on Wednesday night. There have been no reports of damages or casualties, however, reports of Bankok's high-rise towers swayed for 30 seconds. The quake struck at a depth of 10km.

Yesterday's quake was the 3rd major quake in 24 hours after a magnitude 6.3 - 267km NW of Ozernovskiy, Russia and a magnitude 6.3 - 111km SW of Puerto Madero, Mexico, struck earlier in the day.

The 3 quakes bring the total of major quakes, (M 6 +) in October to 13 and the year total to date to 127. At the same date last year, 118 major quakes had occurred, in 2017, 99, 2016, 124 and 2015, 131. 

Major Quakes

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