Tuesday, 7 May 2019

One million animal and plant species facing extinction at an unprecedented speed new UN report but claim decline can be halted

Photo dead fish in Rio

Everywhere on this planet, from land, oceans and sky are reeling from mankind's devastation, greed, pollution and destruction, according to a new compelling UN report, released yesterday.
One million animal and plant species are staring down the barrel of the extinction gun and all nature is dying at an unprecedented speed.
However, the UN has put a positive spin on this astonishing decline, claiming these trends can be halted, the decline can be halted, sure it can but it won't because mankind is too greedy.

How could the decline be halted, what would mankind have to do to stop the decline, is there a possibility to stop mankind from destroying his own home.

Well, we could stop as of today, drilling for oil, burning coal and other fossil fuels, close down all nuclear power stations, replace 100 million hectares of tropical forest by planting saplings, stop using pesticides, stop trawling and overfishing our oceans, begin replacing eroded soil (soil is being degraded as never before), stop manufacturing plastic, stop dumping 400 million tonnes of heavy metals, solvents, toxic sludge and other wastes annually into the waters of the world, all the above would be a smart way to halt the decline, so, which world leader would be the first to implement the above changes? None of them right?

No, UN, the decline will not be halted because our "industrious" leaders won't allow it to be halted. By 2050, it will be "GAME OVER" for this planet as a desirable place to live, we crossed the tipping point many years ago, the death of this planet is now unavoidable.

Throw into the mix, global warming and climate change, record heat, record floods, record cold and snowfall, crippeling droughts, hurricane and typhoon increase due to warmer waters, increasing wildfires, rising water levels and it's not difficult to imagine just how hard it will be to erk a life in the near future, especially for our kids who are already having it tough.

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  1. It would only delay the inevitable, I don't believe there is any way of stopping it now. As for coal, oil and other fossil fuels, if we could stop or greatly decrease our use of them it will have an immediate negative impact on global dimming and that will have an immediate effect on our planets temperature, causing it to rise far faster than it is at the moment. I wish I were wrong but I do believe continuing climate change is unstoppable now as we have past the point of no return but politicians and governments will delay admitting it for as long as they possibly can because of the effect it will have on global security and every countries economy.

    1. Peter, I think Guy Mc Pherson has it wrong with his 'pollution is helping us control the weather attitude'. He completely neglects the fact that aerosols decay the ozone layer, decay our ionosphere, cause more lightening, wildfires, droughts, destroy our oxygen providers, etc., and keeps pretending that the ongoing unauthorized climate engineering programs, (stratospheric aerosol injections ...) that are further pushing us and our planet down the steep hill of climate deterioration and pollution don’t exist.

      I completely agree with your last sentence. Politicians and those running the planet with their insane money-motivated exploitation of this Earth and her resources and life forms, will continue their inactivity as well as permission of detrimental programs that hasten our biosphere's demise as long as possible. This inactivity will continue as long as possible, esp. if we don't make them get up from their seats.

      What they could do is some of the steps you mentioned before but they also need to halt existing failing climate engineering programs and stop new programs which also hasten the fall of our biosphere (artificial EMFs - www.BioInitiative.org, incl. the coming 5G - https://takebackyourpower.net/5g-the-big-picture/ etc.).

      We need to stop burning up Earth and auctioning off our life support system and that could be done today (and could have been done decades ago) if there was any understanding and willingness of our politicians.
      They need to hear form us, if not, the impact of our collective actions and inaction will indeed cause the complete destruction of Earth’s life support system, and fast (faster than the now from media-and UN-predicted time-frame of decades).

      What each of us can do is support efforts that help to slow the runaway effects of all detrimental human-made processes; only then can we preserve (at least some) livability of this great planet.

      Sites I find important and helpful for understanding what’s going on:
      https://www.GeoengineeringWatch.org - on the facts, realities and pitfalls of illegal climate engineering
      https://bioinitiative.org/ - on the impact of EMFs
      https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal - sign this international appeal opposing 5G it if you feel 5G is a problem (it is), they describe relevant research
      https://www.5gappeal.eu/ - sign the European version of the 5G appeal (they only accept signatures from MDs, health professionals or scientist, unlike the international appeal, link above)
      https://takebackyourpower.net/5g-the-big-picture/ - another 5G article with further links.

      So, in addition to inhaling the sadness our civilization has brought upon this wonderful planet, I've started to inform myself, and speak my mind to like-minded, still naive, and political representatives (which clearly don’t hear enough from us). I just can't keep sitting back and observing, and wait and hope somebody else will fix what can be fixed. I feel that I at least have to try to help to avert rendering this planet lifeless within short time, and I hope millions will do the same. The time of waiting is over for me. And Earth.

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  3. The Onion has a message from the wild:

    and back in 2012 proposed the only real solution, although undertated at only 2.3 billion:

  4. Global warming/climate change are the result of everything you said we 'could' stop as of today. But there is one other thing in play that tops all else and has become the accelerator to the meltdown occurring. It's never mentioned and it considered and it is radiation from technology. Radiation is heat, extreme heat! Microwave transmissions...... think microwave oven. Invisible deadly heat that cooks from the inside out. Earth is cooking from the inside out and because our atmosphere is not functioning properly from all the soot we put up there, that heat can't escape.
    Satellites, of which there are thousands maybe even tens or hundreds of thousands, surround the earth beaming these invisible rays of energy called microwave transmissions down and back up again through the atmosphere and screen burning it.

    The number one cause of GW is war. All their atomic tests, thousands, all their dirty bombs and nukes are what I believe really put all this in motion back in the early part of the 1900's. I once saw a show about the Enola Gay that dropped the first nuke ever used in real time war on Japan back in the 1940's. The narrator stated that after that bomb was dropped is when scientists first began to notice the planet (responding) with warming. Hmmm. So let's do it again!???? We are allowing lunatics to rule our lives and life support systems and if we stop them is when we start to save ourselves. Sadly it is the opposite with more and more people getting involved in politics supporting these lunatics. I say don't vote and I do not. A great day would be if 50 million no shows happened on election days!!! Lol, imagine the lunatics faces if that happened! Ha ha!

    You know the second nuke that went to Japan that week via the enola gay had many problems that were seeming to try to stop it from going to drop a second nuclear bomb on innocent people and animals. Did you all know that? Upon watching that replay of events in the documentary show of this is when I saw this: enola gay. Enola - spelled backwards is alone. Gay - spelled backwards is ya g, sound it out. Alone ya g. Alone ya go! A message saying God is not with us, alone you go. Interesting isn't it?! I found it to be quite interesting.
    Thanks for the great info posts Gary!

  5. We evolved faster than our ability to fully understand and control what we invent.we invented nuclear power, but cant control it.its the same with anything we exploit,oil
    Air, electronics food. Now mother nature, like a kite on a string, is reeling us back to natural laws we abandoned. Harsh lesson coming,and if some were to survive, we would do it all over again.