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Trees dying by the million in the US and now Europe with beetle epidemics fuelled by drought and warming is a wildfire accident waiting to happen

Photo dead trees dominate California
Nearly one in every 14 standing trees in Colorado forests is dead, according to the latest report on the health of the state's wooded areas.
The study, released Wednesday by Colorado State Forest Service out of Colorado State University, calculated an estimated one billion dead trees, many of them succumbing to two beetle epidemics. That's a tree casualty increase of 30 per cent in the last nine years.
An estimated 200 million trees are dead in California and Pine Beetles are fuelling the deaths.
And now, Reuters,  are claiming the problem is causing chaos in Europe too.
Hot, dry summers are fanning an unprecedented outbreak of bark beetles that are destroying vast swathes of central Europe’s spruce forests which define the region’s landscape.
Drought brought on by climate change has weakened trees’ natural defences and helped spawn the insects, creating an infestation that has forced landowners to chop down broad patches of forest across the Czech Republic, northern Austria, Bavaria and Slovakia.
While the bark beetle is natural to conifer forests and has a role in their ecosystem, climate change has helped it spread especially through single-variety spruce woods planted over the past two centuries.
The Czech Republic has been the worst hit.
Last year, the beetle, infested 18 million cubic meters of spruce, more than 10 times amounts seen in most previous years, according to Agriculture Ministry estimates.
This year, forecasts range from 20 to 30 million cubic meters, out of 480 million cubic meters of spruce timber in total, as the situation is expected to deteriorate across the region, especially given a lack of rainfall so far this spring.
“Eighty per cent of Czech spruce forests are at high risk of dying,” said Jaromir Blaha, forest expert at Hnuti Duha, an environmental NGO.
“Most of our spruce monocultures in lower and mid-laying areas will probably disappear, in years or in a few decades.”
Think tank Czech Forest says the area destroyed last year alone was equal to 100,000 soccer fields.
Bark beetles grow to about half a centimetre in length.
They mate under the bark and lay eggs.
Larvae make feeding tunnels in the trees, mostly killing them.
Young adults fly out and, when the weather allows, repeat the process once or twice per season. Upper Austria’s minister for agriculture, Max Hiegelsberger, in a report on forestry in 2018, said the situation was “dramatic” as more than half the felled timber in his region was damaged, and forest owners were seeing a huge drop in income.

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  1. Cant believe the wool has been pulled over so many countries.controled narrative. Here, heavy rain for10 years,all spruce dead or dying,no drought induced bug infestation. ALL trees effected. Oaks- thin,no acorns to speak of.
    Maples-thin tops, small leaves,few seeds.
    Cherry trees- no
    Cherries to speak of,small leaves,thin tops punky wood,very bad shape.
    All balsam firs have few pine CV ones,appear to be fried on top before death.
    Many trees in a dormant state.
    Again,something is happening to all the trees and it isn't the few degrees of climate change,droughts,over watered.its something big.
    Nano aluminum sprayed for dimming? UVC radiation hitting us? Due to ozone layer loss.i own woods in n wisconsin,have been logger,carpenter all my adult life, outdoor everything for 62 years. X skier,snow shower,bike ridder,hiker,fisherman,hunter,canoer,wild berry picker,I mean everything outdoors.SOMETHING VERY BIG IS HAPPENING TO MY NATURAL WORLD, AND IT IS HIDDEN FROM US.
    Do not believe the news reported narritive,please!!

    1. Agree, you hit it on the head, the constant spraying above us with Alum, barium, now sodium chloride the list goes on and on is fact. They are destroying the Eco-sphere purposely whether animal or plant. For those who don't believe this, tell me why they are spraying after a storm system comes by?? They also spray before the storm system arrives. So if you were trying to make it rain then why would you spray after it rains? The spraying in New England has increased 100 fold in the last 10 years. I am a comm. pilot among other traits so I know what I am talking about. We are being set up for the end run soon. All I can say is be ready.

    2. I think you will find it's global warming and other thing's too, global warming is what is helping tip the ice berg. Don't just ignore it and blame it on everything else. Global warming is cause by all the stuff being pumped into the atmosphere including all the issues you are talking about.

    3. Rj you are absolutely right. This destroying of nature is by design. I watched first hand what happened when they started spraying our Calif trees and they started to die off. I watched our gray squirrel population go blind, confused and completely die off. I listen to the world of politicians and scientists discuss climate change and never once do they look to the planes mucking up our skies and you think that could be it?

    4. I think the spraying has alot to do with our problems. I have noticed my sinus symptoms get much worse before , during and after a rain. Trees are not doing well.In CO our trees have been dying for years now. And locally, at lower altitudes now. I have severe symptoms of allergies, earaches, stomach issues, burning eyes, lack of focus, coughing, sneezing, etc. which can vary daily according to what they are spraying that day and whatever else is prominent. We have fracking all over the state,cars, etc.I don't trust weather reports or pollution levels reported in local news. It has been overcast for a month now. At least every afternoon. May broke the record for coldness. Our blue skies fill in with a white glare now. I definitely think geoengineering is speeding our demise.

  2. pine beetle came thru northern Colorado 20 years ago, made us lots of firewood, new forests are strong healthy and growing fast. Prettier too, cause aspen can now be seen


  4. how come mentions the effect of the radiation from Fukushima has effected the entire planet...and hide the pony and let the tail wag the dog....not any study or discussion on the effects of Fukushima which is 2,500.000 worse than Chernobyl ......wake the fudge up people

    1. Fukushima could be at least partially controlled with mudjacking walls or a bowl beneath. But Satan wants to kill the earth.

    2. If by Satan you mean Trump, then I agree.

    3. Me too. Him and his cronies.

    4. Bodo he's part of sh** swamp fed by sh** river and draining through sh** creek into shi! Pond... js ...

    TITLED PEARL! ( pearl is WHAT THE NAME GRETA means!!)

    Toxic skies bring silent cries,
    From THE birds that no longer Fly!.
    And below a pearl sits all alone,
    Holding back a terrible cry!.
    Corus- Please save me,I'm begging you,
    Please save me and I'll live my life true!,

    But the tears of truth flowed from the pig tailed child,
    Flowing out to all who still hear wild!
    If all life is, a beautiful song,
    Then surely mine must play,surely mine should play!,

    Corus-Please save me, I'm begging you,
    Please save me and I'll live my life for you!.

    They will hold up the child for sacrifice,
    On their great alter of baal,
    Is she a jesus come to us twice,
    Will we let the dark evil prevail!
    Corus-Please save me I'm begging you,
    Please save me and I promis I will love you, I promis I will love you!!!

    Still working on it,we never wrote before,had to try,please share!!
    Randall and blythe richards

  6. It's not climate change, it's Geo Engineering

  7. I live and do forestry work in Colorado. I have lived in the state 60+ years. Geoengineering is creating problems for our forests all over the world. Every 5 years a contract for cloud seeding is renewed for Denver Water and the ski resorts. This has gone on for 50+ years and is not something new nor will it be stopped easily. Weather manipulation is like it is on steroids now. Weather control is traded on the stock market. Extremes can be created in any area to suit the markets. People are so busy looking down at their cell phones that they no longer look up and question why our skies look the way they do. By the time the public wakes up to the chemical cocktail that they are breathing in and that is now in the ground water and our food supply along with the use of our cell towers to heat the ionosphere to target and enhance the weather manipulation there will be no returning earth to normal. The damage is being done now and the effects on people, plants and animals is devastating and long lasting. When the weather manipulation effects such as increased aggression can be seen in domestic animals on the days of cloud seeding and ionospheric heating, it is much easier to see the how aggression in people is also on the rise such as road rage and increased overreaction and violence. Time to put the blame where it belongs - on those geoengineering our climate for profit and military control.

  8. Great info on your Colorado weather contracts Anonymous! Thank you for that. Many times I have seen the correlation between the spray and the aggression in people. I really think that is why the powers that be keep trying to take away guns and or change gun laws here in USA and globally.

    What is being done chemically to all life via the geoengineering spraying and the RX drugs is a sin beyond imagination and absolutely yes is causing so much hate and anger in people. That is the mark of the evil one, no doubt!!

  9. I'm glad somebody mentioned FUKUSHIMA! the death of the oceans, radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere. The whole thing makes me so sad.

  10. I do not know how many of you are aware of Cern and the D-Wave computer but I came across Anthony Patch;s latest video. He has been studying Cern and D-Wave (Gordy Rose) and its effects for a while now,
    The plot of geo-engineering is a small part of the plot, "They" are decodong RNA,Specifically about 56 minutes into the video. I suggest watching the whole video and some of his earlier ones to learn about what Gordie Rose has been up to to pave the way to destruction, Watch this video to the end to hear some other parts of the plot to take over and destroy humanity, If the plot makes you angry and want to know more of how the elite satanic ones are trying to destroy all humanity, watch more of his video's about the D-wave. I have been learning about it for a few years now, it is some scary stuff. It is like geo-engineering, all real, The plot against all of us is so big. at 1 hour he is talking about how they transmit DNA. Space travel in the conventional method is not needed, They are growing lifeforms. please watch the video before scoffing. They have a company called Santuary, and artificial humans called "Sense" who will be indistinguishable form biological humans, they already are walking among us!!! Synthetic humans. not creating life but creating building blocks of life, DNA, biologic 3D printer? they have been doing it for more than 6 years.grown life forms, they will not behave like robots. They look like a human and behave like a human, only with the help of the Holy Spirit we will be able to know them as not human, Before scoffing, watch his video about 1 hour in. watch all his videos.