Wednesday 20 March 2019

DID YOU READ THE PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING? Latest update from Bill Laughing-Bear in Alaska


Another update from Bill Laughing-Bear up in Alaska


Dear Gary and Readers of The Big Wobble,

As many of you know, I suffer from Photo Sensitive Epilepsy. Things such as computer screens, smartphones, TVs, strobe and fluorescent lights can give me seizures. Right now I am talking over my phone to my Mother who is typing this for me to forward on to The Big Wobble. Since a landline is not available to me where I live, I have managed to get by with an inexpensive flip phone. 

When I purchased it, I read the Product Safety and Warranty Information. Some things I noted, like on page 4: “If you have a heart condition, be careful with the settings or call vibration or tone volume.” On page 5: “The operation of some medical devices, such as hearing aids and pacemakers, may be affected if a handset is used next to them. Observe any caution signs and manufacturers recommendations.” Another warning on page 5: “Your phone contains metal, which may induce an itch, a rash, or eczema, depending on your physical condition.” I found that this phone, when held in my hand, made my hand tingle uncomfortably. Since the doctors that treat me for my traumatic brain injury (TBI) have warned me to never place the phone next to my head because it could cause a seizure, I have tried relying on the speakerphone and laying it down. This phone finally gave up the ghost. I found another flip phone that I use with my prepaid card. Turning the phone on, I instantly received a sharp pain in my hand that radiated up into my arm. It always does this, no exception. And, when within one foot of my head, I experience a ringing in my ears and a massive headache.

I started reading in the Product Safety and Warranty Information Handbook. It says this on page 4: “Body-worn Operation. This device was tested for typical body-worn operations with the back of the phone kept 0.59 inches (1.5 cm) between the user's body and the back of the phone. To comply with FCC/IC RF exposure requirements, a minimum separation distance of 0.59 inches (1.5 cm) must be maintained between the user's body and the back of the phone. Any belt clips, holsters and similar accessories containing metallic components may not be used. Body-worn accessories that cannot maintain 0.59 inches (1.5 cm) separation distance between the user's body and the back of the phone have not been tested for typical body-worn operations may not comply with FCC/IC RF exposure limits and should be avoided.” On page 5 it states, under Consumer Information About Radio Frequency Emissions, “Your wireless phone, which contains a radio transmitter and receiver, emits radio frequency energy during use.” 

What I want to know is if I am supposed to keep the phone 0.59 inches (1.5 cm) from my body, how am I supposed to use it? This might explain why I get such pain in my hand and arm as well as a ringing in my ears and migraines, even when placing the phone several inches away from me on a shelf while talking. 

For curiosity, I put on my shielded gloves. They are made to prevent Electro Sensitivity symptoms in your hand when using a computer keyboard, laptop, cellphone or other electronic devices. According to, these gloves shield radio waves and electronic fields. I plugged the grounding wire for these gloves into the wall. Before putting on the gloves, I checked my body’s voltage. The body voltage meter I use is ACV Bench Meter Model AV-102 made by Lutron. My body's’ voltage read 0.08. Holding the phone in my hand without the glove, my body voltage climbed to 0.31 volts. With the glove on, my body voltage was 0.00 voltage. I noticed less pain but it was still uncomfortable. Checking the milligauss, I used AlphaLab Inc. Model AC milligauss meter (model UHS2). I read a low of 3.26 milligauss on the meter and a high of 25.67 milligauss with the phone 0.59 inches (1.5 cm) from the meter.

I then decided to check for Radio Frequency Energy. I used an HF 35C HF-Analyzer. This HF-Analyzer reads from 800 MHz - 2700 MHz. It is made in Germany by Gigahertz Solutions. The highest reading off my new phone, while the phone was placing the call, was 1827 microwatts meter squared.

It is recommended that one keep the mG at 1.0 or less. At 1.8 mG there is a direct link with childhood leukaemia and it only gets worse the higher the reading. 
RF Radiation has been shown to cause DNA damage in cells at 6.0 micro-watts centimetres squared. (See the long list on my Wednesday, 7 February 2018 article: It's DIRTY ELECTRIC! EMF causes cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide and is the disease of our 21st-century civilization)
In short, this inexpensive flip phone is a major health hazard that I will only use sparingly. 
I then decided to look at my new digital camera. It has the ability to transmit pictures through wi-fi. I’m not set up for that, did not test for that. I did check for milligauss and voltage. Voltage, as we know, causes inflammation. The camera, using the above-mentioned meter, read .27 volts. With my gloves, I received a reading of 0.00. Testing with the above-mentioned meter for milligauss and voltage, the milligauss read 3.98. I then turned to the Manual For Safety Precaution to page 8. I found this: “Do not allow the camera to maintain contact with the skin for extended periods. Even if the camera does not feel hot, this may cause low-temperature burns manifested in redness of the skin or blistering. Use a tripod if you have poor circulation or sensitive skin.” Funny, this camera was ergonomically designed to be used with one hand. Wow! I don’t think I want to touch it.  
This brought even more questions. As I mentioned in my first article, I used an eyebrow trimmer that read 4.6 mG. I threw it away because it was so harmful. How many other things do we use, of which we have never taken the time to read the Safety Warnings, that are extremely harmful to the human body? Do you vape? I do not know if you will want to continue vaping after you read the research that I’m currently working on about these units. 
I hope my research has caused you to give serious consideration to the dangers and health hazards that surround us with a desire to see what changes you can make that can give you a better and healthier life.

(To protect myself from any potential lawsuits, I have intentionally avoided naming brand names and product models).

That’s it from Alaska for now.

Bill Laughing-Bear

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