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Weather wars! Astonishing turn-around from debilitating drought to Biblical type flooding in just hours smells of military intervention (Video)

Hurricane Irma
Commander of the Armed Forces thinks the military should tackle climate change.
At the Canadian Halifax International Forum in November 2016, Dutch Commander in Chief Tom Middendorp warned climate change is real and is a source of social unrest and conflict and the military should fight it! Full story

Fast forward to February 2019...
A year and a half's rain, fall in just 9 days, over a huge area which has been in drought conditions basically during the whole 21st century, how could that be even possible?
If I was to believe in geoengineering it would be something like the events above, in Queensland, Australia which would convince me mankind was involved.
After many years of drought and hardship for farmers in this vast area suddenly, a year and a half of rain flood the area in just 9 days, as if the deluge was man-made and the people behind the downpour couldn't control the amount and lost control of the experiment, which ended up killing hundreds of thousands of livestock.
These "weather bomb" events are also becoming increasingly frequent.

California, another area on the globe suffering from debilitating drought conditions throughout the 21st century had 6ft, (almost 2 metres) of snowfall in just 24 hours in parts of California breaking a 100-year record.
A further, 8 feet (2.5 metres) of snow fell in less than three days in some parts.
Suspiciously, this kind of astonishing turnaround is not a one-off to California.
Last winter, saw several torrential downpours in California which rid the State of five years miserable drought and replenish reservoirs to overflowing capacity giving California the highest amount of captured water since 1995, indeed some dams had difficulty containing the water.
In February 2017, Oroville Dam's main and emergency spillways were damaged, prompting the evacuation of more than 180,000 people living downstream along the Feather River, luckily a disaster was avoided.

Last winter, In just a couple of weeks, four areas of the globe crippled by drought during the last few years have had more than enough water more or less overnight to replenish empty reservoirs and put water stocks back into the plus column.

Besides the California record burst of rainfall, February and March 2017 saw Zimbabwe, where millions had been affected by a crippling drought from 2015 to 2017, apparently, brought on by a super El-NiƱo event, when an absolutely astonishing shift took place, from a drought condition to an excessively wet, situation bringing many deaths from flooding and landslides and the heavy (rain) fall surpassed all previous years.

Another so-called "weather bomb" relieved a crippling drought in New Zealand in March 2017.
An incredible amount of rain brought a sub-tropical drenching with heavy downpours to New Zealand, relieving years of crippling drought in less than a week.

The same week in 2017, in what was described as a wall of water and packing sustained wind speeds of 195km/h hit northern Madagascar as "intense" tropical cyclone Enawo made landfall
An astonishing 220 mm (8.7 inches) of rain per hour fell on parched farms.
After three successive years of failed rains, the crippling drought was wiped out in a couple of hours.

In May 2017, after a severe drought the year before, East Africa was hit by two months of heavy rain, affecting nearly a million people in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda.

In March 2017, 500,000 people were affected, along with 11 dead as torrential rains left reservoirs overflowing in Angola after a crippling drought.

In July 2018, After an unprecedented two-month drought the hottest temperatures on record the UK then suffered the wettest day ever.

In June 2017, eight people were killed and thousands forced from their homes as Cape Town and surrounding areas in South Africa were hit by the worst winter storm in ever, relieving a crippling drought there.
The storm came after The South African Weather Service had issued a special weather advisory warning water levels in dams was down to 14% and only 105 days of usable water left in the city of Cape Town.



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  1. The alternate view would be the x-x-extremes are because the Jet Steam has crossed the equator.
    Paul Beckwith pointed out the event.

    1. Paul is actually very embarrassed about his claim of 'unprecedented' and has for the record done a follow up video changing his story. one way to get clickbait... lie

    2. More

  2. Seems more people are FINALLY waking up to the climate engineering catastrophes in our skies. greetings from Argentina, where we are being heavily sprayed as of end 2015. (Was happening before, but 2015 they really ramped up these activities).

  3. Greetings! I have just learned of a 'new study' put out that really takes the lies of insanity to all new heightened levels!
    *New science study concludes that planes passing through clouds miraculously produce up to 10 times more rain/snow, while simultaneously and radically lowering precipitation temperatures. The same study also tries to assure us that such profound effects have absolutely nothing to do with any emissions from the aircraft itself.
    Here are some of the online sources publishing this obvious pile of ka ka they call geoscience by so called experts. Most recent publishings from 1/31/19 - 2/9/19.
    2/3/19- "Cloud study shows how planes can significantly boost rainfall in their path". Straight streamers (meaning chemical dispersement trails a.k.a geoengineering lines in the skies) noticed on radar! These straight streamers of clouds seem to be producing heavier rain/snow then larger surrounding areas. Isn't that just so amazing folks!? It also said, get this- contrary to popular belief water can exist as a liquid at temps well below the freezing mark! least under specific circumstances. Up to -40 degrees C and F!!!!!! Hmmmm, chemical ice maybe but not natural water to ice! This is so insulting when you are awake! ��
    Wow, the BS is really getting thick now!
    * 2/4/19, " Airplanes flying over rain/snow can intensify precipitation by 10 fold".
    * ScienceDaily: 1/31/29.
    *ScienceAlert: 2/5/19, " Planes don't make 'chemtrails' but they can create something else in their wake."
    All these new study reports have a photo of a sky with lines all over the place and or planes leaving long white chemical trails.
    Prior to these new studies from Jan/Feb, there is a long list of other scientific nonsense dating back to 2010-2011 with similar insane explanations but referring more to planes punching holes in clouds and causing those clouds to produce more rain/snow even though the holes cause gaps in rain snow, the "streamers" (lines in the sky) increase it.

    Are you dizzy yet? Are we really expected to believe this obvious realignment of basic scientific knowledge that has been established since man became civilized and learned, then taught to all, that water freezes at 32 degrees or under, now it stays liquid up to minus 40 degrees! Academia wants us to know this now! Yea, its a new discovery. (Barf bag please)!!!!
    I am without decent words to continue to speak about this anymore. If you were having any doubt's about geoengineering be actual these days, consider why in the world would new insufficient studies like these be littering google search engines to make sure you re-learn? Gee, could it be so we can keep the cover up going on forever and ever!