Friday 8 February 2019

2019: And the records keep tumbling! High temperatures of 80°F (27 deg C) in parts of Central Alabama as the mercury hits 15°F above Feb average


It has been unusually warm across Central Alabama this February.
The warmth is breaking several records across the state of Alabama.
Not only are we breaking record high temperatures, but the morning temperatures are also breaking records.
Anniston, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa had record high minimum temperatures Wednesday (2/6/19).
A record high minimum temperature is basically saying we saw the warmest low temperature ever recorded on that day.
According to the Southeast Regional Climate Center, Birmingham is averaging almost 15°F above average for the average temperature for February 1-6, 2019.
Record high temperatures were also recorded in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa Wednesday (2/6/19). Birmingham recorded a high of 77°F (25 deg C) which broke the old record of 76°F (24.4 deg C) set back in 1999. Tuscaloosa recorded a high temperature of 80°F (27 deg C) which broke the record of 77°F set back in 1999.

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