Wednesday 30 January 2019

Just How SAFE Is Your Vehicle? A new update from Bill Laughing-Bear regarding the threat of the “demon” 5-G on our health


Dear Gary and Readers of the Big Wobble,

Hello once again from Alaska. 

A while back I was given a copy of The Blaylock Wellness Report, Volume 13, No. 6 from June 2016. Anytime Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. reports, I take note. In this report, the primary article is Electromagnetic Fields: Dangers All Around Us. In it he talks about how the electromagnetic problem is growing. This problem is HUGE!
His research closely matches my own and in June of 2016 there was an estimated 5 billion cell phones in use around the world. In the U.S. alone, more than 300 million were in use, and that was before the “demon” 5-G cell service had progressed to the state it now has. At that time an even greater concern to me were the 200,000 towers in the U.S. with over 4 million towers worldwide. 
This bathing us in non-ionizing radiation is growing at a substantial rate. Complete cities and towns are covered with wi-fi. There are other sources besides towers and cell phones: cordless phones, smart meters, appliances and TV, baby monitors, poor wiring in homes, high transmission power lines, and other daily used devices. I wondered if some of these daily used devices included vehicles. More on that later. 
A cumulative buildup of non-ionizing, EMF Radiation in both animals and in the human body weakens the immune system: our brains become inflamed and our bodies DNA repair system becomes impaired.
Electrical devices produce two types of radiation: electrical and magnetic. Both of these do biological damage. Objects such as walls and bone do block some electrical fields but magnetic fields penetrate most objects including complete buildings. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has set the safety standards way to high. Research has proven the EMF level set a hundred times lower than the standard set by the FCC cause serious damage to biological systems. This is linked to major diseases in humans including brain tumors, eye tumors, breast cancer, testicular cancer, leukemia, salivary gland tumors, and other problems such as headaches, skin rashes, loss of hearing or ringing in the ears, fatigue, abnormal development of babies, behavior problems in young adults and teenagers, and immune suppression. It has also been linked to Alzheimer’s. 
My doctor informed me that some of his patients are no longer able to ride in newer vehicles because it brings on seizures, migraines, erratic heartbeats, and breathing problems. I was also informed by a very close friend that someone she knows of has to ride in the back seat of their new vehicle due to these types of effects. For myself, when I ride in newer vehicles, I have trouble breathing at times, migraines and an erratic heartbeat. 
I decided to test some vehicles. I talked to a mechanic who told me the newer vehicles are loaded with wi-fi devices that transmit signals to the computers in the vehicles. He said, “I wish the industry had not gone that way. It’s hard to fix stupid.” So I set out to do some testing. I will not use the brand names of the vehicles because I do not care to be sued! 
I decided I would test for both milligauss and RF Radiation. I had wanted to show what both of these could do to a human bodies voltage while riding in a vehicle but due to the fact the ground is frozen like concrete for several feet deep, I could not get a grounding rod into the ground to use the meter. All four vehicles tested were tested while parked, with the engines off and then with the vehicles running with lights turned on and heater motors on high. 
The first tested was my 1964 pickup. Sitting in the driver’s seat with the engine off, I read .1 milligauss, the RF was .0 microWatts/cm2. With the truck running and the lights and heater on high, I recorded a reading of .14 milligauss, RF .0 microWatts/cm2.
I then tested my 1993 pickup. With everything off, I read .15 milligauss. With it running, with no switches turned on, the reading was a low .49 milligauss, and turning every option on, a high of 5.14 milligauss. The RF was .0 microWatts/cm2. both on and off.
The next vehicle was a 2004 station wagon. With everything off, I received a reading of .11 milligauss, the RF read .1 microWatts/cm2. With the vehicle running, I read a low of 3.67 milligauss and with every option on, a high of 7.28 milligauss. The RF still read .1 microWatts/cm2. At the end of the test, the owner of the vehicle plugged in her smart phone. A text came in and the RF meter, which is a Model HF 35C built by GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS which is made in Germany, showed a reading of 628 microWatts/cm2. A few moments later the phone rang and the meter read 1756 microWatts/cm2. Being in a vehicle with wi-fi is like being cooked alive in an antennae cage. 
The last vehicle tested was a 2015 mini-van. With everything off, the milligauss meter Model UHS2, manufactured by AlphaLab Inc. in the U.S, read 36 milligauss. Turning the vehicle on, I received a reading of 95 milligauss. Turning all the switches on, a high of 214 milligauss. Before turning the vehicle on, the RF read .04 microWatts/cm2. Turning the vehicle on with all the options off, I read an RF of 86. Turning all options on, the RF jumped to 345 microWatts/cm2.
We then turned the ignition off on the mini-van and decided to test the remote start that, according to the vehicle’s manual, can be started one mile away. The RF meter I was using has the ability to read 1999 microWatts/cm2 before one has to add the 20 dB attenuator (an electronic device that reduces the power of a signal without appreciably distorting its waveform. It is effectively the opposite of an amplifier, though the two work by different methods). 
This extends the dynamic range of my meter and sometimes I have to stack them when testing close to cell towers. When the remote start button was pushed, my meter maxed itself at 1999 microWatts/cm2 and I had not thought to bring any attenuators with me. I was not able to show clearly how high the RF signal was. 
Another interesting sidenote with vehicle number four: I had just tested the owners new smart phone, which she uses while riding in the van, and it regularly produced RF of bumping at 1900 microWatts/cm2. Add that to the electrosmog her vehicle is producing! Can you say, “long-term health effects?”
I am sure this test could be expanded greatly to include other makes and models.
I would like to remind the readers of The Big Wobble of my article on February 7, 2018 titled, “It's DIRTY ELECTRIC! EMF causes cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide and is the disease of our 21st century civilization.”Full story 
A quick overview would once again be a wise reminder that anything over 1 milligauss is harmful to humans. Anything over .05 microWatts/cm2 is harmful to humans. Knowledge is power. Let us not forget what we have learned so we can regain that which is being taken from us. Once again, I quote Aldous Huxley: “Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored."

That’s it from Alaska for now.

Bill Laughing-Bear

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