Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Insanely dangerous temperatures of -75 F -60 deg C and its going to get worse! Colder than the Arctic -82-deg F in Canada colder than Mars

Chillmap today
Insanely dangerous temperatures as the polar vortex tightens its grip on the midwestern US, with AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures plummet to -75 F -60 deg C
The coldest weather in years will put millions of people and animals throughout the midwestern United States at risk for hypothermia and frostbite to occur in minutes during the final days of January. The deep freeze has commenced across the Upper Midwest with an AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature of 75 degrees below zero Fahrenheit reported at Grand Forks, North Dakota, on Tuesday morning. The worst is yet to come for other parts of the Midwest as the polar vortex gets displaced from the Arctic Circle and dives into the region. In addition to the risks of frostbite and hypothermia, residents will be faced with high heating costs and the potential for frozen and bursting water pipes, dead car batteries and school closures.
The cold can be life-threatening for any person or animal without a proper way to stay warm. According to the Weather Channell, Twitter Ads info and privacy Incredibly, wind chills in the minus 60s and 70s, even a minus-82-degree wind chill, that's almost -64 deg C, were observed Monday in northern Manitoba and southern Nunavut, Canada, according to the National Weather Service.
This bitter cold will be accompanied by strong winds at times through Thursday, yielding life-threatening wind chills in the Midwest that could lead to frostbite on exposed skin in a matter of minutes.
A large swath of the Midwest will have wind chills in the 30s, 40s and 50s below zero by Wednesday. A few spots in Minnesota and eastern North Dakota may see wind chills in the 60s below zero.
Grand Forks Airport in North Dakota reported a wind chill of 61 degrees below zero on Tuesday.
According to CBS, Thousands of Minnesotans endured the coldest night in a generation without power.
 Xcel Energy says equipment failures on power poles is leading to outages all over the metro Tuesday evening, which started at about 5:40 p.m.
 At the peak of the outage, about 8,000 residents were affected in the Twin Cities metro area.
As of 11 p.m., less than 600 customers people were still without power.

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  1. This is "wind chill" temps and plays in to the drama of the title you post. They are very proud of their geoengineering events. Let's look at what comes next. Right now actual temp at 8a.m. Wed. 1/30/19 in Chicago it is -12 F and low for tonight will be -21F. Thurs.1/31/19 forecasts 2F day/0-F night. (In 24hrs temps are up 10 degrees day & 21 degrees night. Fri.2/1/19 forecasts, 21F day & 17F night. (Since the Wed. Lows temps are up 19 degrees day/17 degrees night, less then 48 he's later). Sat.2/2/19 forecasts, 40F day/38F night!( since Wed, and less then 72 hours, temps up 52 degrees day/59 degrees night!) Sunday it goes up another 5 degrees day & night topping off at 45/43. That equates to a 64 degree temperature RISE in less then four days and is the fingerprint of geoengineering chemicals wearing off by the hour because all this polar drama is fake weather! This is a consistent pattern with all these nucleated cool downs if you bother to compare and or pay attention to. Completely unnatural. Here is another example by the same accu weather schedulers: in NY right now it is 34F and snowing. Gee, isn't it supposed to be 32F or less to snow? I have seen this many times and sometimes temps around forty and it is snowing. Only geoengineering can do these things! Please stop helping the propaganda by posting the disinformation like this drama distraction and the little ice age nonsense. Start telling people the truth! To have a 64 degree temp rise in four days should be a wake up call. And then guess what happens? Lol, lo and behold another big storm system within a week of this one will knock temps back down to single digits. Isn't it so amazing how the temps were rising back up so fast and then more polar air miraculously shows up from a polar region that is also about sixty degrees warmer then the frozen land south of it. People are so dumb!

    1. What a piece of fucking shit gary walton is. With his gay ass avatar lmaoo hea clearly a troll for the establishment and WILL get what he has coming to him.

    2. Go look at Gary Walton's page and you'll see that he does have Videos of chemtrail's so he is a troll and he is purposely trying to hide the Geo engineering because he's a piece of fucking garbage, cock sucking slave to the establishment

    3. Thank you for your Intellectual input Jae, you are a smart guy, hahaha

  2. Short video.... don't miss....Global Warming, Really?

  3. What I believe is that there is geo-engineering, I believe man is using knowledge to do it with the help from demonic influence. I believe those involved have been promised with monetary rewards or the promise of living a very long time. I also believe God is allowing it because He gave man free will to choose between good and evil. I believe what we see happening now is nothing to what will happen later. I don;t think we have to wait long. The demonic spirits are showing themselves now more than ever. I do not know if the are all reptilian shapshifters but I do believe they are evil and that some people have been changed by them, Possibly by demonic possession. I am not totally sure but it is not my imagination. I have seen people who appear to have reptilian eyes and then others whose eyes look normal and then change to like reptile slits and then back again. I have seen a UFO with my own eyes and so has some of my children. Some people are asleep to whats happening and then others like myself are awake to whats happening. I think some of the 10 plagues that happened to Egypt have again happened and that if it is the the same that happened in the time of Moses, then we will soon see more of them happening. Yes, there are trolls for the government. I do not know who all of them are but I believe in the end there will be a judgement for anyone who sells themselves out to evil for a reward in this life. The prince of "this" world is very evil and he is already judged and doomed and wants to take as many humans to face the same judgement that he will face. It is up to everyone of us to choose their paths while here. We can only choose our own path, We cannot choose the path for our children or our parents or spouses or family. We should all choose wisely. and PRAY for wisdom and strength to face all that is coming in the years ahead. Our time here on this planet may not be very long now, No one knows just how long we have so we should use our time wisely. We should warn as many people as we can.
    I respect that other's may not agree with me and I respect your right to have a different opinion. Please respect my right to believe what i do if you choose to respond. Thank you and may God bless and protect you all.