Thursday 13 December 2018

A mystery major quake appears on the USGS website: Mag 6.3 - Pacific-Antarctic Ridge not reported by any major news agencies


Something to ponder, a major quake that never was, or was but now isn't!
Last week Reuters, RT and other news agencies reported a quake of magnitude 6 northeast of Australia's Norfolk Island
The phantom quake (all reference of this quake was removed from the USGS website) apparently occurred just 500 miles southwest of the three powerful quakes that rocked New Caledonia including the massive magnitude 7.5. Full story
Today we have a similar tale in reverse, a mag 6.3 was reported this morning on the USGS website but not one of the major news agencies have reported the quake, I receive UPDATES from USGS for every quake registered mag 6 or higher but surprisingly not for this one?


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