Thursday 4 October 2018

Heads up! A massive Coronal Hole on our Sun is now facing Earth watch out for more major quake and volcanic activity around Indonesia

Credit SDO

An enormous and ominous coronal hole on our Sun has turned and is now facing Earth along with a smaller hole also facing Earth and both are releasing a ferocious barrage of solar wind heading for our planet at incredible speeds. Solar wind flowing from this large coronal hole should reach Earth on Oct. 7-8. The intense solar wind from the smaller hole on the right is impacting Earth's magnetosphere right now, lasting until tomorrow. Each hole is spewing a stream of solar wind toward our planet at around 1 million mph.

This could be significant for The Pacific Ring Of Fire especially the Indonesia area where the people are recovering from the M 7.4 quake and tsunami last Friday, many scientists now believe these coronal holes have a large influence on quake and volcanic activity on our planet, we will see.

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