Wednesday 27 June 2018

Its unheard of here especially in summer! Flash floods devastate Athens suburbs Greece where floods killed 24 people last November

Flash floods have devastated for a second time in less than a year the town of Mandra in Attica, just outside Athens.
Unseasonable extreme rains- unheard of in Greece in the summer months- has left much of the Greek mainland drenched.
Flooding and rivers overflowing their banks were reported in regions throughout the mainland, including Larisa.
The town of Mandra, where 24 people lost their lives last November during torrential rains and extreme flooding, was hard hit again.
No loss of life was reported but numerous residents posted videos on Facebook that showed the force off the water that transformed streets into raging rivers.
The torrential rain of this type is uncommon in Greece especially at the height of summer, where poor infrastructure can leave citizens vulnerable to flooding.
Flash floods killed at least 24 people, made scores homeless and destroyed infrastructure in Greece after a raging torrent inundated two coastal towns west of Athens last November.


Flash floods have killed at least 15 people in what locals are claiming is "a biblical disaster," in Greece as rare hurricane is set to bring more devastation

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