Sunday 24 June 2018

Fukushima has changed our world forever: New exclusive update from Bill in Alaska radiation up in salmon tuna halibut and crustaceans

Fish with radiation poisoning

On the 7th anniversary of the Fukushima’s Nuclear Disaster, in March this year, I received mail from our friend in Alaska, Bill Laughing Bear, regarding increasing radiation levels of fish he himself has monitored in the coastal waters off Alaska since 2012
A new much-appreciated update regarding radiation from Fukushima affecting fish along the coast of Alaska has arrived from a very busy Bill.
According to Bill, who is doing spot checks on fish in the area and claims "radiation levels in the fish is up from last years readings."
Here is his exclusive report below. 
Dear Gary and Reader’s of the Big Wobble,

Just a quick little update as I have been running hard 7 days a week. I’m way behind since Alaska has two seasons: Winter and “gotta’ get it done NOW!” season. 

I have been doing spot checks on salmon. They are all reading warm for radiation, up from last years’ readings. The halibut has the same problem. I have been given access to a “fish wheel” (A fish wheel, also known as a salmon wheel, is a device situated in rivers for catching fish which looks and operates like a watermill. However, in addition to paddles, a fish wheel is outfitted with wire baskets designed to catch and carry fish from the water and into a nearby holding tank).

I and my dogs will not be eating any seafoods. I’d like to add a new player into this radiation game and that is looking at tuna. I won’t state the brand name, in order to prevent any backlash, nor will I reveal the locations of where I do my testing of salmon and halibut. I will say that the tuna I have tested is a product of Thailand and is reading very warm for radiation. My sense is that there may be a direct link between Fukushima and the contaminated tuna. More on this topic will be coming.

Again, I caution those reading this: if the halibut that is a bottom feeder is testing radioactive, then clams, oysters, crab, prawns and shrimp will be radioactive as well. I discourage the eating any of it.

This from Alaska! 

Bill Laughing-Bear
We are truly thankful to Bill for his latest update and you can check out his page here