Good Luck Hawkeye!

Still no news from Hawkeye after the catostrophic hurricane, Ian made landfall earlier this week in Hawkeye's vicinity: Hawkeye, if you are able to read this, know you are in our thoughts and prayers not just from me but the readers of TBW too. Take care dear lady!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Polar Vortex creates "The Beast From The East" and storm Emma and weather bomb pound the US and Europe causing chaos for 200 million

The frozen kingfisher Credit Cover Images
Week 9 of 2018 was a week to remember as the Polar Vortex created The Beast Of The East which plunged Europe into unprecedented cold.
Then came Storm Emma dumping more than 50cm of snow in many parts of Ireland, UK and Northern Europe.
A weather bomb the pummeled Northeastern US 200 million people suffered chaotic conditions on both sides of the Atlantic.
More major quakes for Papua New Guinea and an eruption in Japan


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