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It's DIRTY ELECTRIC! EMF causes cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide and is the disease of our 21st century civilisation

Bill Laughing Bear our dear friend from Alaska has sent The Big Wobble a wonderful paper covering his research on EMF's (Electromotive force) and it's powerful negativity on our health
EMF is the electrical intensity or "pressure" developed by a source of electrical energy such as a battery or generator.
A device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy (a "transducer") provides an EMF at its output.
In his research, Bill, who works with professional dog mushing teams in Alaska found 13 of the dogs died of different kinds of cancers over a short period of time.
Bill writes...
"These dogs were not of the same breed or family lines."
When he and a colleague started looking at the overall picture, they realized their own cognitive function had begun a downward spiral around the same time the dogs started to become ill which coincided when analogue meters were replaced with smart meters to deliver electricity to our homes.
He goes on...
"All the dogs that died of cancer were in close proximity to my smart meter."
"It dawned on me that something was wrong and I started studying EMF pollution on a “hunch.”
"Not only did I invest in the reference materials where I obtained the facts written above, I bought professional grade meters to start monitoring things myself."
"Doing this, I started having people feeding me information and asking me to come test their home and work environments to see if any of the four distinct types of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) were affecting their environments."
A prime example: "One of the men who contacted me in Anchorage, Alaska, lived in a quadplex."
"The four smart meters for all four units were on the outside of his bedroom wall which was six inches thick."
"On that wall, there was a padded box built for his dog to sleep in and above that a padded box for his cat to sleep in."
"The first full day the meters were switched on, his pets started acting odd."
"He did not feel well himself."
"The second day both pets were extremely sick as well as he himself was."
"The third day, both pets died."
"He had to abandon his bedroom."

A message from Bill
I have found that most people do not want to heed the warnings, they like the modern conveniences
There is shielding and other techniques available that can help protect us so that we don’t have to “throw out the baby with the bathwater.”
A lot of help can be found at the website Less EMF Inc. (
The videos mentioned below “Full Signal - The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones” and “Take Back Your Power,” which is investigating the Smart Grid, will explain in detail the documentation I have sent you.
There is solid science behind all of this as well as personal experience.
Smart meters produce mass amounts of “dirty” electricity and radiation.
As an example, not even looking at the radiation, dirty electricity broadcasts 5-6’ out of the walls from the wiring.
One of the tests I do is I use a body voltage meter and have the individual stand in the middle of the room.
I have them walk toward any of the walls that have wiring in them and they can view their body’s voltage spiralling upwards as they get closer to the walls that are broadcasting electrosmog from the wiring.
Doing my testing on those who have wanted to know the ratings of their electronic environment and to learn how they can improve their situation, they have found that having the least amount of metal on their body possible, not having wifi in their home but being directly connected to cable, using shielding, changing light fixtures, choosing electrical devices that have lower gauss readings, and learning to live a little differently have improved health, such as cognitive function, health problems including cancer, behavior problems such as hyper active children, and the list goes on and on.

Here is Bill's paper below

“Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley
In November of 2009, a groundbreaking study of the history of electrification of the U.S. was published.
Professor of Medicine Dr Samuel Milham, MPH, and one-time chief epidemiologist at the Washington State Health Department looked at when 48 states of the U.S. were electrified.
He also compared the urban populations that lived with electricity and the rural areas, which did not have electricity, which led to his discovery that most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by exposure to the fields emanating from electrical wiring.

What are EMF’s?

EMF (electromagnetic field) is a broad term, which includes 4 distinct types:

Electric Field - the field, which is created when voltage is present (low frequency, Hz range)

Magnetic Field – created when electric current is flowing (low frequency Hz range)

Radio Frequency (some times called microwave, or RF) – high frequency radiation (MHz to GHz range), such as TV broadcast, microwave oven leakage, wifi, and cell phone signals.

Dirty Electricity – kHz range frequencies (very biologically irritating) Know to many as polluted electricity which travels on the building wiring (usually resulting from the use of smart meters due to there switching power supply) that switches between ac-dc, and other devices such as dimmer switches, plasma TV’s, transformers, and compact fluorescent bulbs) Dirty electricity from smart meters in effect turns all your buildings wiring into a huge antenna which transmits an electrostatic field charge that bombards your body inside this antenna cage, the building your in. For safety standards anything over 50 (GS) is band in many countries around the world. 50 (GS) unites is roughly 2 kHz. When you go over 30 (GS) the electricity can be absorbed internally into the human body as energy dissipates into the human body at 1.7 kHz.

Why are EMF’s Important?

EMF’s are biologically active. All the atoms within our bodies react to the presence of electro-magnetic fields. Hundreds of scientific studies now exist showing the harmful effects of EMF’s on: Individual atoms and molecules in our bodies, such as DNA, Calcium, Mercury, and hormones.

Using Darkfield Microscopy to view blood cell behavior, and cell wall health, smart meters always show a compromised view of cells unlike analog meters. One sees things like in cell degradation such as broken cell walls, bottle-capping formation of the cell walls, or blood cells stacking up which prevents the cells from delivering oxygen. And not only are cell membrane damaged but cellular structures such as the, mitochondria, and nucleus as well.

Organs and tissues like the cornea of the eye, the heart, pineal glands, reproductive organs, and nerves are compromised.

In all cases the human energy fields are obliterated.

Electromagnetic fields have been show to cause or contribute to conditions such as: Cancer, Autism, Diabetes, Sleeplessness, Leukemia, Alzheimer’s disease, sperm damage, and much more.

Children are especially susceptible to the effect because of their smaller size, rapid growth, and because their tissues are not yet fully formed.

EMF’s exposure during pregnancy is of special concern. Pregnant women working at computers with the contact current from the keyboard flowing through their stomachs, working as checkers in stores, sleeping close to smart meters, or wifi are very acceptable to birth defects or miscarriages.

Biological effects depend on the duration and intensity of exposure, as well as frequency of the electromagnetic field. There have been over 6,000 published scientific studies on the health effects of microwave radiation since the 1930’s with the vast majority have shown that there is some biological damage being done. Any communication device that is not attached to the wall by a wire is emitting radiation.

The fields are amplified and concentrated in into the bodies tissues with things like under wire bras with metal wires, metal-framed glasses, metal chairs, metal bed fames, and coil springs in furniture. These are just some examples of items that can cause cancer and other health effects.

Some refer to this pollution as “Electrosmog” because it is known to kill birds, bees, and mankind.

Some questions to seek answers for concerning EMF’s

Am I exposed to high levels of EMF’s?
What types of EMF’s are present in my personal environment and work environment?
At these locations when and where are these levels high?
What is the true source of these fields?
Are they what I thought they were?
Do I feel the effects of electromagnetic fields?
If I do not feel the effects am I safe to expose myself?
Can I help reduce EMF’s through shielding?

How much EMF exposure is safe?

There is no single, universally accepted answer. World wide official exposure standards vary widely. To further complicate the problem some people are more sensitive than others. Some seem acutely attuned to what others can’t see, touch, or feel. About 3 to 5 % of the population. Length of exposure and type of exposure play an important role as well. Very often how long you’re exposed means more to your health than the actual strength of the electrical, magnetic, or RF field. Here are some current set standards.

AC magnetic fields: 2.5 mG ELF; 0.25 mG VLF
AC electric Fields: 50 V/m
Radio waves: 0.1 microWatts/cm2 (614 m V/m)
Body voltage: 50 mV
Dirty Electricity: 50 GS Units

Electropollution is colorless, invisible, and odorless. Likely it’s probably enveloping you while I speak. You are affected 24/7 by an unprecedented number of wavelengths and frequencies. By some estimates, we’re exposed daily to as much as one hundred million times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents were.


Wave/Wavelength: Electricity is delivered to our homes in alternating current (AC), which means that the electrical charge that flows through the wires periodically reverses direction (Cycle), and it’s usually shows as an undulating wave, called a sine wave. Wavelength is the measurement of the distance between two peaks of the wave.

Frequency: How many cycles a wave completes in a period of time is known as its frequency. If you live in North America, electrical currents flow to your wires at 60 cycles a second; in Europe, it’s 50 cycles a second. This is termed alternating current, or AC for short.

Gauss: This is the measurement unit for magnetic fields. Most prudent scientists today recommend that safe exposure for humans to AC magnetic fields is 1 milliGauss (mG), or less at any single exposure, though other agencies recommend 2 to 3 mG. The earth’s magnetic field measures about 0.5 mG.

Hertz: This is a newer term for cycles per second that was awarded to Heinrich Hertz, an early researcher in electromagnetism. The electricity that comes into U.S. homes is 60 Hertz (Hz). Our brainwaves can even be measured in Hertz. For instance, when you are asleep, your brain hums at 1 Hz, or one cycle per second. When you’re thinking, whether it is problem solving or being creative, it revs up to as much as 40 Hz.

Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (ELF): These are the electromagnetic fields in the frequency range of 1 to 30 Hz. Our entire electrical power system and our appliances produce 60 Hz magnetic and electric fields. These fields are a form of nonionizing radiation, which won’t detach electrons from atoms or molecules. Only ionizing radiation or energy from radioactive substances and cosmic rays are thought to do that: The X-ray you had at the dentist’s office and the CAT scan (which uses X-rays) that found your kidney stone both emit ionizing radiation.

Radio Frequency (RF) Field: Another form of nonionizing radiation, these high frequency EMF’s are generated by the equipment that transmits wireless signals, such as cell towers, broadcast towers at your local radio or TV stations, and the equipment that receive those signals. Your cell and cordless phone. Wireless operates in the microwave band of radio frequency radiation.

Microwave Power Density: Health effects vs. safety standards: From Peer-reviewed published science, Radiation testing results, and Public standards in micro-watt centimeter squared.

0.0000000002 micro-watts centimeter squared, minimum for cell phones to work.

0.000027 micro-watts centimeter squared, caused the premature aging of pine needles.

0.05 micro-watts centimeter square, It is known that short-term exposure to children ages 8-17 can experience headache, irritation, concentration difficulties, and behavioral problems.

Baubiologie Biology (Germany), or Building Biology Extreme Concern 0.1 micro-watts centimeter squared

1.0 micro-watts centimeter squared, Laptop Wi-Fi bring about sperm DNA fragmentation & decrease in sperm viability in vetro: Also at this level headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and indigestion.

2.5 micro-watts centimeter squared, this Alters calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells.

4.0 micro-watts centimeter squared, Brings about changes in hippocampus affecting brain memory and learning.

6.0 micro-watts centimeter squared, causes DNA damage in cells.

7.93 micro-watts centimeter squared, was measured from a single smart meter.

9.5 micro-watts centimeter squared, the set safety standards for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

10.0 micro-watts centimeter squared, the set safety standards for China, Poland, and Russia. At these levels changes in behavior are altered, reflexes of avoidance after (30-minute exposure).

An apartment of 12 smart meters was measured at 19.8 micro-watts centimeter squared.

600-1000 micro-watts centimeter squared, set safety standards for Canada and the United States.

Some markers found in 100% of those whom are exposed to smart meters:

TGF-Beta 1 increase (inflammatory marker)
MMP-9 increase (inflammatory marker)
Copper increase (inflammatory marker)
Hormone abnormalization
Neurotransmitter abnormalization

Measurements of common electrical gadgets:

“ 1.8 mG has been proven to be linked to childhood leukemia”
Eyebrow trimmer: 4.6 mG

Baby Monitor: 4-15 mG

Fluorescent Lights: 20-100 mG

Electric toothbrush: 86-200 mG

Hair Dryers: 300-700 mG

Electric Shavers: 100-600 mG

Blenders: 30-100 mG

Can Openers: 500-1,500 mG

Coffee Makers: 4-10 mG

Electric Slow Cooker: 3-9 mG

Dishwashers: 10-100 mG

Food Processors: 20-130 mG

Garbage Disposals: 60-100 mG

Microwave Ovens: 100-300 mG

Mixers: 30-600 mG

Electric Ovens: 4-20 mG

Electric Ranges: 20-200 mG

Refrigerators: 2-40 mG

Toasters: 5-20 mG

TV’s 7-20 mG

Electric Clothes Dryer: 2-10 mG

Washing Machine: 4-100 mG

Portable Heaters: 5-150 mG

Vacuum Cleaners: 100-700 mG

Drills: 100-200 mG

Power Saws: 50-1,000 mG


Most computers plugged into the wall are putting out somewhere between 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz of dirty electricity. This is within the biologically active range of 4 khz-100 kHz.

If you are exposed to dirty electricity for 6 hours a day for 180 days a year, your cancer risk is in creased by:

25% if you are exposed to above 2000 GS unites.
15% if you are exposed to above 1000 GS unites.

Cordless phones whose base stations radiates in an always on mode, using 2.4 GHz of 1.8 GHz DECT technology according to the BioInitiative Report, when used predominantly on the same side of the head for 10 years increases the risk of malignant glioma (brain tumor) by 470%.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident”
Arthur Schopenhauer

Reference Materials where I Obtained these Facts:


Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman
Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation by Donna Fisher
Electromagnetic Fields A consumer’s Guide to the Issues & How to Protect Ourselves by Blake Levitt
Wireless Radiation Rescue 2012 by Kerry Crofton, PhD
Earthing, The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? By Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., and Martin Zucker


Full Signal, the hidden cost of cell phones by Talal Jabari
Take Back Your Power, Investigating the “Smart” Grid by Josh Del Sol
Grounded, Could it Happen to You by Steve Kroschel

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