Monday 29 January 2018

The week The Pacific Ring Of Fire went crazy 8 potentialy deadly earthquakes along with a plethora of volatile exploding volcanoes

It was the week when The Pacific Ring Of Fire went crazy 6 major quakes, two magnitude 5.8's and a plethora of exploding volcanoes.
Since I started blogging, 10 years ago I have never witnessed a week of prolonged activity as the 4th week of January 2018, from Chile in South America to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea up to the Philippines north to Japan and Russia across to Alaska, south to California and back to Central America the story went full circle.
Also on The Big Wobble video.
A rare snowstorm caused devastation in Tokyo.
An Aussie flu update.
4 million people will be allowed just two-and-a-half buckets of water per person per day from the 1st of February as Zero-Day looms and Cape Town's water runs dry...
80,000 people were in a state of "zero visibility" as explosion-type earthquakes caused nearly 60,000 people to be evacuated as volatile Mount Mayon volcano prepared to blow...
Almost a 100 after-shocks rocked Kodiak Island after the mag 7.9.
The most romantic river in the world, the river Seine in Paris is flooding parts of the city, the river was likely to hit its highest mark in over a century more than four metres above its normal height and much more.



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