Wednesday 7 June 2017

Our children are being murdered by people who are already being watched by the authorities as the U.K. government claims 23,000 potential terrorists are known to them

Photo sent in by Steve
Young children are being butchered on the streets of the United Kingdom by demon possessed entities who are nearly all known to the government and police.
After three terrorist attacks in three months in the U.K. ALL the killers were on the police radar but incredibly still allowed to go on and murder innocent people.
It raises questions about the security services' especially as the British government has claimed an estimated 23,000 people in Britain are considered a potential terror threat.
And why oh why if 23,000 are a potential terror threat how can the government allow them to wander the streets of Britain, why are they NOT rounded up and deported or jailed, is it not an offence to be a jihadi?
Last night it was confirmed that London Bridge massacre mastermind Khuram Butt, 27, had been investigated two years ago but was considered a lower risk threat.
Last month MI5 also launched urgent probes into why it missed the danger posed by the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, 22.
It came amid claims that the authorities were repeatedly told that Abedi was a danger to the public.
Teachers and religious figures in Manchester who knew the killer raised concerns about his extremist views on numerous occasions over several years.
British authorities were warned about one of the men behind the London Bridge attack - a 22-year-old Italian-Moroccan - who declared 'I am going to be a terrorist' as he tried to travel to Syria from Italy.
It has also emerged that Youssef Zaghba, called his Italian mother in Bologna, Italy to say goodbye two days before ramming a van into innocent civilians in the capital.
The very people who are suppose to protect us are once again letting us down.
If 23,000 Jihadis are in the U.K. it would be safe to assume the same amount will be in France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Spain, all allowed into our countries by the very people who are supposed to represent their own citizens.
Angela Merkel and the rest of the bleeding hearts who allowed this to happen should be held responsible, they were warned this would happen but chose to ignore the threat for compassion to the refugees.
The aim of Islam is to turn the west into a caliphate.
A caliphate is an Islamic state. It's led by a caliph, who is a political and religious leader who is a successor (caliph) to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
His power and authority would absolute.
Caliphates operate under Sharia law.
Women are discouraged to leave the home unless necessary and they must be accompanied and fully covered.
Amputations are the punishment for stealing.
In a Caliphate non Muslims would have no say whatsoever while muslim men would be exempt from punishment, allowing them to rape and murder as they please.

Europe will one day be overrun with Islam, the toothpaste is out of the tube and it can’t be put back.