Thursday 13 April 2017

Mystery! Hundreds of dead fish mysteriously washing up in Chesterfield Township Michigan

Residents in Chesterfield Township are concerned about hundreds of dead fish that have been washing up near their property.
The fish have been turning up in a canal behind Lighthouse Pointe, a residential street off Jefferson Avenue.
The canal flows into Anchor Bay in Lake Saint Clair. One homeowner tells us some of the fish are still alive and appear to be struggling in the water.
"Last weekend, we found it was very unusual.
My husband and I were walking along the dock here and the fish were actually coming out of the water gasping for air,"
Cindy Schrader said. "It was really unusual."
Neighbors say they've never seen anything in their backyards like this.
"I've lived here five years, and there's been dead fish in the water before but not by the hundreds," Magdaleno Dias says.
He says he saw about two or three hundred dead fish in the water just on Tuesday morning.
He'd like to see environmental officials come out and test the water.
So far, no word from Macomb County officials on what may be killing off the fish.