Saturday 29 April 2017

Large cluster of aftershocks grows to almost 100 off the coast of Chile reminiscent of build up to massive mag 9.1 quake which hit Honshu, Japan in 2011

On Tuesday I gave a “heads up for Chile” after a cluster of 16 large fore and aftershocks could be a trigger for a massive quake in the days to come, that cluster has now grown to almost 100 mid to large quakes in a 50km square area off the coast of Valparaiso Chile.

After the massive mag 7.1 quake which has since been downgraded by USGS to a mag 6.9. An astonishing 88 mid to high strength aftershocks have struck, including two mag 5.9’s, a mag 5.7, with a further 15 mag 5 or higher.

What is happening off the coast of Chile is reminiscent of the build up to the massive mag 9.1 quake hit Honshu, Japan in 2011, killing more than 18,000 people and causing the Fukushima disaster, see map below.