Sunday 26 March 2017

Whats in a vaccine? Human and animal cells Gluteraldehyde Beta- Propiolactone Aluminium Formaldehyde and Mercury a deadly cocktail of poison

Next winter if you or your family are offered a vaccine, please think again, the above is not good for animals never mind humans

My friend and colleague, Carol Rosin sent me the above picture which quite honestly horrifies me as I had a flu injection in October and was quite sick for a month after.

What's in it?

Human and animal cells, human DNA from aborted babies, pig blood, horse blood and lots more all linked to childhood leukemia and diabetes

Gluteraldehyde, poisonous if ingested, causes birth defects in animals. Gluteraldahyde is known to cause asthma to health workers.

Beta- Propiolactone, Known to cause cancer, causes lung, liver, nerve and skin problems.

Aluminium, Known to cause brain damage, linked to Alzheimer's disease, seizures or autoimmune issues and cancer.

Formaldehyde, known to cause cancer in humans, stomach, liver, respiratory, immune nerve and reproductive system. Banned in Europe.

Mercury, One of the most toxic substance known to man, a tiny dose can damage the brain.