Monday 20 March 2017

The Big Wobble tonight live at 8:pm GMT, or 1-3:pm Pacific on American Freedom Radio

Gary is once again live tonight at 8:pm GMT, on American Freedom Radio with The Big Wobble Show.
Tonight Gary will be reporting on the incredible disaster unfolding in Peru as heavy floods and landslides have killed 75 people and displaced a further 600,000.

Gary will also be discussing and picking holes in the latest report from TEPCO regarding the Fukushima disaster

And while the world has been watching Donald Trump, Brexit, Turkey’s Mr. Erdogan and North Korea all week, Gary will be reporting on what happened to our wonderful planet

It's literally Geophysics On Steroids

Updates from: Extreme weather, Mass animal die offs, Earthquake and volcano activity, Environment, Disease, Spaceweather, Climate change and Man made disasters.

An update of all events from the week ending 13th of March will also be included.

Join Gary live tonight at 8:pm GMT, on American Freedom Radio and listen to The Big Wobble Show

If you can’t listen live the show will be archived on YouTube and The Big Wobble

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