Monday 13 March 2017

Gary live on American Freedom Radio, Mondays 1-3:pm Pacific Time 8:pm MT

Gary is now hosting his own global radio show, LIVE and in the Archives on American Freedom Radio,, and can also be found on YouTube.
The Big Wobble,which is tracking, daily, vitally important and continually updated, with photos, news about the geophysics of our planet including about extreme weather, volcano activity, earthquakes, mass animal die offs, diseases, hurricanes and cyclones, earth changes, and other increasing phenomena impacting all life around our already fragile world.
Gary started researching and reporting on extreme and unusual events across the globe in 2008. By 2012, Gary had built up a respected reputation as well as millions of visitors around the world with his blog as he documents the dangers our planet is experiencing, each and every day that most know little or nothing about, perhaps motivated by greed or beliefs or because of ignorance.
The news Gary is presenting is now attracting media around the world, such as a recent interview on NTV Broadcasting Company, the biggest TV-network in Russia.

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