Monday, 20 February 2017

Breaking News: Oroville Dam spillway has been compromised and is breaking up: Whole section of concrete has been washed away and huge cracks appearing.

Live streaming of the Oroville Dam is suggesting the spillway has been compromised and a whole section of concrete has been washed away.
A large breach can be seen in the concrete slipway with a huge crack opening up further down
Residents are nervously watching the Oroville Dam and have packed their bags prepared to evacuate again if necessary.
Another area of concern is the Don Pedro reservoir, which officials said was at 98 percent capacity on Sunday. The reservoir captures water from the Tuolumne River.
In Stanislaus County, where the Don Pedro Reservoir is forecast to reach capacity by Tuesday, authorities are warning residents along the Tuolumne River 45 miles away in Modesto to consider evacuating voluntarily until the flood danger is past.

Sacramento claims the town of Maxwell is flooded and two stretches of Interstate 5 north of Williams were barely passable because of encroaching waters. Roads throughout the region were closed from flooding and mudslides. Reclamation districts patrolled levees, monitoring boils and sandbagging.
In Colusa County, the Sheriff’s Office blamed local creeks and canals for the widespread flooding “due to the overabundance of water the last 24 hours” and announced “voluntary evacuations for those who felt their safety was at risk.”
Another Northern California reservoir is at full capacity as a new "Weather Bomb" is pounding the area: Flooding is inevitable as another 6 inches of rain expected.
Storms will resume their track across the region following a brief break from heavy precipitation to start the weekend.

Precipitation will become more widespread and heavy throughout Monday, with the heaviest rain expected to slam Northern California.


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