Wednesday 25 January 2017

The Mexican colossus Colima volcano, "Fire Volcano," spews ash and smoke 2 kilometers into the sky Tuesday! Spectacular video

The Colima volcano in western Mexico sent a 1.9-kilometer (1.2-mile) plume of smoke and ash into the sky on Tuesday during its third eruption this week, the national emergency management agency said.
The eruption at 7:05 am sent a plume skyward that the wind carried in a southeasterly direction, emergency management chief Luis Felipe Puente said in a Twitter post.
Officials registered volcanic activity Monday at the volcano located on the border between the western states of Jalisco and Colima.
The first eruption at 3:46 pm Monday emitted a plume 3.5 kilometers (2.1 miles) high with a "moderate" content of ash, officials said.
The second eruption an hour later spewed gases and ash 1.5 kilometers (0.90 mile) in a northeasterly direction, followed by moderate precipitation of ash.
The national emergency management agency issued warnings and advised residents to deal with the ash by covering their noses and mouths, avoiding outdoor work or play, covering water sources and staying indoors as much as possible.
The Jalisco emergency management agency said Nevado de Colima National Park remained open, but climbing the mountain was not allowed.
The 3,860-meter (12,655-foot) Colima, also known as the "Fire Volcano," is one of Mexico's most active volcanos.



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