Sunday 25 December 2016

Chiles Los Logos region told to evacuate as massive mag 7.7 strikes: Tsunami warning issued

Tsunami Warning issued

A massive mag 7.7 shallow quake has struck off the coast of Chile this afternoon  with a tsunami warning issued.
Chiles Los Logos region told to evacuate
It is the 7th major quake of a very busy week along with the 15th major quake of December and the 143rd of the year.
The massive coronal hole which was facing the Earth which is the probable cause for the recent rise in major quakes has now almost turned away from us.

Photo: Sections of roadway split apart on Chile's Chiloé island after earthquake - @RigoJofre



Anonymous said...

The Coronal hole may be turning away, but only to return again in 27 days as it rotates around the sun, and if it enlarges with each pass, they cycle of earthquakes will increase as well every month...

Gary Walton said...

Well this coronal hole is special, it has been showing uo every 27 days since Sept, thanks