Friday 19 August 2016

A massive magnitude 7.4 strikes South Georgia Island region

A massive magnitude 7.4 strikes South Georgia Island region.
No current tsunami warning is in effect.
A magnitude 7.4 has hit the South Georgia Island region this morning, August has been the month for mag 7+ quakes, last week powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.
Friday's quake initially was registered with a magnitude of 7.6 but was later downgraded to 7.2.
At the end of last month, a  masive magnitude 7.7, struck the Northern Mariana Islands.
The massive quake was the third biggest of this year after the mag 7.8 in Sumatra, Indonesia, in March and the deadly mag 7.8 in Ecuador in April.
Todays quake is the 6th major quake of August, see below and the 86th of 2016...

Are we experiencing an uptick in major quakes this year?
We have reached the half way point of 2016 and we have had a total of 72 major quakes, that is an earthquake of magnitude 6. or more.
42 is a steady average, 2015 had recorded 74 at this stage of the year and went on to record 146 for the year which is also average for the 21st century.
2014 had slightly more at this stage of the year with 84 but finished the year on 155.
Incidentally, I record every major quake on this blog and I had the yearly total at 82 major quakes, so it would be safe to say USGS have downgraded at least 10 quakes which were originally recorded at mag 6. or higher.

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A massive M7.2 - New Caledonia and a M6.1 Fiji Islands are the 4th and 5th major quakes this month

A magnitude 6.1 - South Indian Ocean is the first major quake of August

A monster quake, magnitude 7.7 strikes - 31km SSW of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands

A magnitude 6.0 - Off the coast of Aisen, Chile is the sixth major quake of July

A mag 6.4 - 128km SE of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea is the 5th major quake of the month

A mag 6.2 - 66km WNW of Diego de Almagro Chile is only the fourth major quake of July

San Andreas Fault rocking and rolling as hundreds of tremors strike since Sunday night!

A mag 6.0 - 76km NNW of Isangel, Vanuatu is only the third major quake of July

A mag 6.3 - rocks New Zealand with two large aftershock's of mag 5.7 and a large foreshock of mag 5.7

A magnitude 6.3 - 32km NW of Rosa Zarate, Ecuador is the first major quake of July

Major quakes not on the increase in 2016...An ave 72 half way through the year

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