Wednesday 13 July 2016

A mag 6.3 - rocks New Zealand with two large aftershock's of mag 5.7 and a large foreshock of mag 5.7

A magnitude 6.3 - struck 201km NE of Raoul Island, in New Zealand this afternoon along with a mag 5.7 foreshock and two large aftershock's also registering magnitude 5.7.
After a very quiet start to July todays major quake was the second of this month and the second in three days and comes after a large coronal hole on our Sun faces the Earth.
Todays quake is the 74th of 2016.

Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from this large coronal hole.
Credit: SDO/AIA.

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A magnitude 6.3 - 32km NW of Rosa Zarate, Ecuador is the first major quake of July

Major quakes not on the increase in 2016...An ave 72 half way through the year

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