Tuesday 28 June 2016

Deadly Drought: Fish and alligators dying as severe drought hits Pilcomayo river in Paraguay.

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Members of environmental NGOs warn for an impending ecological disaster in the watercourse.
It predicts that the situation will be reversed only in November and December, if a new flood occurs. Dozens of crocodiles and fish die every day due to drought Pilcomayo river in Paraguay.
The image of animals trapped in the mud moves the villagers who can do nothing in the absence of water.
The truth is that the lack of water in the river can not be solved by opening the channel, but until a new flood occurs between the months of November and December, he told Oscar Salazar, president of the National Commission of the Pilcomayo River.
Meanwhile, Victor Benitez, Altervida NGO, warned that "we are in an ecological disaster doors" to the situation that must cross the species to drought.
Several animals suffer because of the lack of the vital water.
While many of them died, others are struggling to survive.
The most affected: fish, alligators and crocodiles.
The drought will worsen Minister of the Environment Secretariat (SEAM) of Paraguay, Rolando de Barros, said the problem of drought in the Pilcomayo River "will worsen".
Hundreds of animals are losing their lives due to lack of water in the area.
"As the drought intensifies, this problem will become more acute," said Barros.
He said it is a "cyclical theme that occurs every year."
He explained that the large amount of sediment Pilcomayo brings with it does not help.
"Never bring a fixed channel, then you have to do corrective work" so that the water can enter Paraguay.
Recently a video that was viralizado showed that alligators, capybaras and fish are dying as a result of drought.
The head of the Seam noted that "every year a percentage of mortality is estimated wild animals." Similarly, the environmental ministry announced it will make a mapping to identify the major sources of mortality of wildlife, especially of the aforementioned that have more difficulties to move.
In this regard, he added that the Ministry of Works made available machinery and trucks to "temporary places" to the animals to find a technical solution.
"For us the most important thing is to preserve the species," he said.
De Barros also admitted that "based on what we did not suffer even more," because the National Commission of the Pilcomayo not done the necessary work to clear the channels so they enter the waters, among other works.

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