Saturday 25 June 2016

45,000 cattle have died this year due to drought in Tabasco, Mexico

Translated from Spanish
VILLAHERMOSA, Mexico, jun. 25, 2016.- The herd of Tabasco is undergoing one of its worst crises in recent years, severe drought and heat are killing animals.
'If you have livestock there is now water for them to drink and has spent their energies, their body fat and muscle, there are animals that lose up to 35 or 40% of their body weight before dying.
2%, 2.5% of all animals in the  food chain are deteriorating and conditions are getting worse, "said Baltazar Sánchez Fuentes, secretary of the Livestock Union in Tabasco.
The lack of rain during the month of May and June so far has meant that 12 of the 17 municipalities of the entity reporting a severe drought.
So far this year about 45 thousand cattle have died from lack of food and water .
'Lacking energy and vitamins, especially in nutrients, causes a decrease in the immune system and animals are vunrable to any bacterial and viral disease, "said Baltazar Sánchez Fuentes, secretary of the Livestock Union in Tabasco.
By the lack of rain the grass is dry, the cattle lose weight and die.
Another factor affecting cattle are high temperatures, and die when consuming warm water.
'Sometimes they get diarrhea, sometimes urinate blood, it is because they drink warm water, "said Felipe Arias, farmer.
Livestock diseases have caused 10 municipalities lose the status of export to the United States.
'You must meet appropriate health status in this case would be the A, there is a high prevalence of tuberculosis and brucella.
What is all we have the right Chontalpa status A for export to the US and the rest of the state are in B status does not allow us to export, "said Baltazar Sánchez Fuentes.
Tabasco was one of the leading producers of beef and milk in the country.
Currently there are only one million 878 thousand head of cattle and about 48 000 farmers.

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