Photo of the day

Photo of the day
Photo of the day: Saudi Arabia and Oman to India and Singapore were treated to a rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse on December the 26th: Remarkable photos
Credit, Elias Chasiotis

Skywatchers from Saudi Arabia and Oman to India and Singapore were treated to a rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse on December the 26th. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is not close enough to the Earth to completely obscure the Sun, leaving a thin ring of the solar disc visible.
Elias Chasiotis who took these remarkable photos has allowed The Big Wobble to post his work.

Photo of the day! From pristine blue sky to sickly yellow in 30 minutes: Chemtrails above North Holland
Yesterday I decided to sit in the garden and catch my first vitamin D rays of 2019.
Around 12: pm, I sat in a comfy chair ready to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in the garden.
Within minutes the pristine blue sky began to turn a sickly yellow as lines and lines of chemtrails appeared almost simultaneously, within half an hour the sun had been blotted out completely.

As 2018 is set to be the hottest year ever Europe is beginning to parch from the lack of water after 50 days without rainfall
As June is expected to be named the hottest June ever on this planet and July going the same way and 2018 set to be the hottest year ever Europe is beginning to parch from the lack of water
After what seems like weeks without rainfall this is what grass looks like in North Holland after the incredible heatwave which has gripped the UK and Western and Northern Europe recently.
Reservoirs are running dry after a 50-day dry spell while global temperatures rocket.

Picture of the day: Very tame Blackbird lays two beautiful blue eggs just 1 meter above our dining table
Photo Credit MarJan Walton

Earlier this month we noticed a female Blackbird hanging around under our conservatory in the back garden.
She was incredibly tame and totally unfazed by being around humans and we soon realised she was building a nest just 1 meter above our dining table, see picture below.

Photo of the day: Incredible pictures of the sky over Norway Holland and the UK

Living in Europe has its benefits, we are only a short plane journey to another country and culture, recently my brother-in-law Christiaan flew back from Oslo in Norway to his native Holland, above and below are some of his incredible photos of his flight.

Photo of the day! Magical winter wonderland in Oslo
Two wonderful photos of the heavy snow in Oslo, Norway last week was taken by Christiaan Breau while visiting his girlfriend Helena, see below. The snow arrived in Oslo as storm Fionn battered Ireland and the UK last Thursday

Photo Of The Day! The legendary phantom ghost ship "The Flying Dutchman" snapped in the port of Alkmaar Saturday
Ghost ship...A tall ship moored in Alkmaar port on a foggy January morning last weekend, the eerie photo was taken with my cell phone.
The ship resembled The Flying Dutchman (Dutch: De Vliegende Hollander), which is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever.
The myth is likely to have originated from the 17th-century golden age of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

Photo of the day: More spectacular rainbows over Alkmaar North Holland
I was visiting a friend this week on the 6th floor of an apartment block when we were suddenly confronted with an enormous rainbow.

Picture of the day: A double rainbow caught in a winter sky.

I have seen pictures of double rainbows before but I have never seen one in nature, I took this on my mobile phone this afternoon and although the picture doesn't catch the brightness of the rainbows very well the double rainbow is clear to see, it was spectacular to see even though I got a soaking taking the picture.

Photo Of The Day! Autumn sunrise at Zeswielen (Six Wheels) Alkmaar
Photo from Patrick
Autumn sunrise at Zeswielen Alkmaar, the windmill in the picture is from around 1628 and is in full working order


Photo of the day! Autumn pictures from North Holland
A cheeky Heron warms himself in the Autumn sun in Volendam Holland Sunday.

Photo of the day: Alien?
Last night while eating dinner in our back yard an air balloon floated above us heading due north which was an exciting photo opportunity.

Picture of the day: Dragonfly by Christiaan Breur
Above is a wonderful photo of a dragonfly taken by my brother-in-law Christiaan Breur who took this spectacular pic with his mobile phone.
Christiaan is an amateur photographer and will be sending The Big Wobble more of his fantastic work in the future.

Photos of the day: Extraordinary clouds above the west coast of North Holland! Taken with my mobile phone
Wonderful high clouds above Alkmaar North Holland

Photo of the day: New born Coot's as summer arrives in Western Europe
A family of coot's enjoy the summer sun

Photo of the day: Summer arrives on the western coast of Europe
I took this wonderful photo by mistake, I was putting my phone in my pocket when I clicked the camera, it catches the mood of the hot day!

Photo's of the week! A selection of photo's from beautiful North Holland this week
Beautiful spring weather bringing out the beauty of nature!

Photo of the day: Heron caught in flight with baby Geese in background at wild bird sanctuary in Alkmaar
Baby Geese can be clearly seen in the background.

More Wonderful Tulips Arrive In Holland!
A field of red tulips in Egmond aan Zee North Holland Sunday village in the background.

Photo of the day: More April tree blossom

Photo of the day: Proud mom with baby ducklings
She didn't seem too bothered as I approached with my camera! 

Photo of the day: Alkmaar in the morning sun
The historic Dutch city of Alkmaar is a maze of canals and first thing on a sunny April morning the sites can be appreciated even more before the tourists arrive

Photo Of The Day: North Holland in April

Photo of the day! More wonderful tree blossom
More wonderful tree blossom

Photo of the day! More wonderful tree blossom in Holland

More wonderful tree blossom today when I walked the dog in Alkmaar North Holland!

Photo of the day: A wonderful warm early spring has brought Holland into a burst of bright colours and bloom.
It is difficult to understand how the world can be on the brink with beauty like this in our world, why would we want to destroy this?

Holland's early bloom, is this the most wonderful time of the year
March and April is a special time in Holland and is known locally as Holland in bloom and this year with the wonderfully warm and sunny month of March and the sunny start to April we are already in for a treat.