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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Breaking News : Update From Dr. Greer " EXPOSING THE "ALIEN THREAT" HOAX." The Cosmic Threat: How the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about is really founded in illegal UFO secrecy

Sent to me by Carol Rosin

Dr Steven Greer went live TODAY at 6PM EST to discuss how you can be part of the 20th Anniversary of the Disclosure Project National Press Club Event.

WEBINAR: DISCLOSURE 2.0 ! APRIL 25, 2021 1p-6p Pacific Time (Phoenix) Join Dr Steven Greer with special guests -Carol Rosin (spokesperson for Wernher von Braun who invented the rocket), - -Constitutional Attorney Daniel Sheehan, -Paola Harris with an expose on a NEW ET crash retrieval case bigger than Roswell in significance, -Chief Cosmonaut and astronaut Trainer for Russia Timofey Egorov, -Ambassador of Peace Steven Seagal and others! Proof of man-made UFOs that have staged many hoaxed "alien events" will be presented. Participate via Webinar - $75 Join us in person - Private residence in Scottsdale, AZ with Dr Greer for the 20th Anniversary of the Disclosure project PLUS 4 more days of presentations (not available by Webinar) LIMITED to 20 participants in person. These presentations will be the ultimate inside story of Disclosure 1990-today, with information about the how, the who and where of secret UFO and ET related programs, and current activities- AND a deep dive into CE5 Contact, meditation, remote viewing training and the Science of Consciousness. Please write to Lera ( if you would like to attend EXPOSING THE "ALIEN THREAT" HOAX Contribute today and receive unique gifts to support this EMERGENCY educational documentary to be released in June of this year in concert with the Director of National Intelligence report on UFOs to Congress. This film will be released open source and may be placed by anyone on any Youtube or other video hosting site anywhere in the world FOR FREE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS SO LONG AS POSTED IN ITS ENTIRETY!

Note: Gary Walton does not agree entirely with all the views of Dr Steven Greer and my dear friend Carol Rosin.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Greer is yet another CIA sponsored disinformationist.

Christopher said...

Hi Gary, I just finished reading Dr. Greer's email and listening to his message. I have been following him and his message about as long as I have been reading TBW. He like You and I Is a seeker and speaker of truth. Thank You to both of you. Blessings.

Gary Walton said...

You are welcome Christopher, however, Dr Greer and Carol differ from what I believe these UFO's are. They both see them as "interplanetary and friendly, were as I see them as interdimensional and very unfriendly!
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

CIA sponsored anonymous commenter above.

Christopher said...

Hi Gary, it is my understanding that they are inter dimensional and that some species are benevolent while most species are malevolent towards Humanity. The USA has a top secret UFO project that conducts malevolent projects around our planet and solar system. Apparently Alien spacecraft are seamless where as manmade space craft have rivits. Back in 2010 my wife showed me a picture of a UFO over Beijing, China that was so clear we could see the plumbing. At the time I was unaware that they had reverse engineered Alien Technology into space crafts. Personally, I saw 4-5 UFO's when I was 9 y/0 over the Puget Sound between Vashon Island and Federal Way Washington.

When all is said and done I have limited concern about UFO's. My focus is on God, Humanity and Nature in the here and now. However there is an insightful documentary on YouTube by a Geologist/Engineer named Phil Snyder "Dead Men Tell No Tales" goes into DUMB's or Deep Underground Military Bases, Aliens and Black Projects.

Please share your thoughts. Cheers

Gary Walton said...

I agree with you Christopher they are inter dimensional and some species are benevolent while most species are malevolent towards Humanity. I believe what we are seeing are angels, fallen angels but hopefuly good angels too!

THE NINE said...

Unknown said...

I have witnessed contact would love to talk and hook up tracey