Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Sleeping Shielded and Grounded: Bill Laughing Bear discovers an RF field from a local cell tower is disturbing his sleep

William Laughing-Bear, a retired military veteran, fulfilled his life-long dream when he relocated from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska in the fall of 2002 to live a primitive lifestyle keeping first things first, one day at a time, and to take up dog mushing.
After experiencing his fifth traumatic brain injury (TBI), he became pro-active with a brain injury peer support group called “The Deadheads,” seeking answers for improved cognitive function and reduction of migraines. 
This search for answers opened up an entirely new world to him… that of research.
During his early treatment for the fifth TBI, his doctor explained to him that cell phones and Wi-Fi would have a negative effect on his recovery and cognitive function due to the EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Field).
His latest letter to The Big Wobble is below.
Sleeping Shielded and Grounded

I often have friends from all over the world come and stay for winter mushing events or some of the over-the-top fishing during late spring through fall. Since my cabin is small, I usually give them my upstairs queen-sized bed and I sleep on my cot in the livingroom. I am repeatedly told how relaxed and at peace they feel upon awakening. Myself, I sleep well but I notice my peace and comfort level are not the same as when I sleep in my bed. Even though I have a comfortable cot, I just assumed it was because I was not sleeping in my own bed. 
I am hypersensitive to EMF. When I go to a coffee shop that is wired for Wi-fi or am around several smart phones, I suffer from confusion, migraines, tightness in chest, and irregular heartbeat. I also notice that when I have been around such an environment, if I don’t sleep in my own bed, I suffer from insomnia. And I often battle it when sleeping on my cot.
The thought occurred to me, ‘Could it be because of the RF field that’s coming from my local cell tower or the RF coming from my Smart Meter that is a long way from my cabin?’ 
Today I drove to the cell tower. I did not feel well, being that close to it. I saved the cell towers coordinates on my GPS (Global Positioning System) and then drove straight home. I wanted to know the distance of the tower from my cabin. Standing on my porch, I was able to determine the cell tower was 4.8 miles (7.72485 km) – as the crow flies. I then turned on my RF High Frequency Meter and started looking for digital signals. I received a constant signal of non-ionizing radiation of fluctuations between 2.7 and 4 micro-watts centimeter squared. I would like to note that the minimum for a cell phone to work is 0.0000000002 micro-watts centimeter squared. 
We have a die off of spruce trees. Instead of just blaming the bark beetle for the die off, could RF be part of the equation? It is a known fact that 0.000027 micro-watts centimeter squared, causes the premature aging of pine needles. Does it affect my spruce trees as well?
It is known that short-term exposure to children ages 8-17 of 0.05 micro-watts centimeter square can cause headaches, irritation, concentration difficulties, and behavioral problems. 
The Baubiologie Biology (Germany), or Building Biology is of extreme concern at 0.1 micro-watts centimeter squared.
At 1.0 micro-watts centimeter squared, Laptop Wi-Fi brings about sperm DNA fragmentation and decrease in sperm viability in vetro. Also at this level headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and indigestion can occur. 
Calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells is altered at 2.5 micro-watts centimeter squared. 
So I am standing on my porch with a 4.0 micro-watts centimeter squared reading, which brings about changes in hippocampus and affects brain memory and learning, and that adds further complications to my struggle with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and I thought, “Wow!” 
I then turned my RF Meter toward the Smart Meter. Every 12 seconds I received a digital reading oscillating between .9 and 1.5 micro-watts centimeter squared. Broadcasting every 12 seconds, this means that 2,628,000 times a year the Smart Meter is sending out pulses of radiation toward my cabin. 
Pondering these two sources of radiation, it made sense to me why sleeping in my upstairs queen-sized bed, other people and I find it so restful. I sleep under a Faraday Canopy. It stops 97% (16dB) of microwave radiation energy penetration. I also sleep “grounded” on earthing sheets. 
I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I cannot imagine how people who are living in cities are managing to cope with all the Electrosmog polution. It is truly a slow killer! 
The pieces of the puzzle are coming together and the picture is becoming clearer. 
That’s it from Alaska for now!


One door of research led to still another door, that of the studying of Electrosmog.
All during this time, Laughing-Bear, as he is called, journaled his experiences of living his “Alaskan” dream and recently authored his first book, “An Alaskan Adventure, Tales of a Musher,” which can be purchased from Rock Island Books,  Amazon.com or by contacting gazbom56@gmail.com, Rock Island Books’ store supports mailing to all major countries. They charge exactly the USPS charges for shipping to a country outside the US and pass on the cost to the customer. Bill will continue to report his research to The Big Wobble for others who are struggling with brain traumas and Electrosmog. His desire is to give encouragement and hope to those whose lives have been affected by such and are seldom understood by those who are uneducated about such matters.



  1. Many thanks to Bill Laughing Bear for his wonderful research about the dangers of ‘smart’ meters, WiFi and related technologies!!!

    THE ONE ISSUE THAT IS MOST IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE TO ALWAYS KEEP “FRONT AND CENTER” is the fact that ALL OF THESE MODERN TECHNOLOGIES have been foisted upon humanity by a bunch of criminals – all for the sake of making money and enslaving the mostly clueless masses. YOU DON’T DEAL WITH CRIMINALS!!! EVER!!! PERIOD!!! Criminals CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED.

    The simple facts are:

    1 ‘smart meters’ or anything WiFi related such as cell-phones, ‘smart’ pads, etc., along with all of the global infrastructure to support them, have been invented, promoted and implemented by a bunch of idiot engineers who have sold their souls to the devil (their evil handlers at the top of the control pyramid) for money.
    2 ANYONE who owns and uses a cell phone, or any other modern-day technology is also a criminal by default, whether they realize it or not. That’s a tough pill to swallow for most people. Just because one is stupid and can’t connect the dots that confirms criminality is not a legitimate excuse for contributing to the madness. There’s hardly a school anywhere that doesn’t provide WiFi access to students. No big surprise there because schools aren’t in place to impart legitimate knowledge. THEY EXIST TO DUMB-DOWN students and to program them to become mindless robots who are unable to think and function completely on their own – the primary focus is on entertainment and sports.
    3 ALL OF THESE MODERN TECHNOLOGIES ARE HAZARDOUS TO PEOPLE’S HEALTH!!! Some are more susceptible (initially) to the harmful effects than others but, sooner or later, everyone will suffer the radiological damages. Totally safe technologies are possible but, none of the current-day communications / computer products qualify.

    1. The Simple Facts Continued;

      4 The self-appointed criminals (and yes they are criminals) don’t give a rat’s ass about people’s health and welfare. It’s all about insatiable greed for money, power and control. There are now millions of cell-tower KILL ZONES all over planet earth. It’s just one, of many, population reduction strategies of the criminal “elite” tyrants while THEY continue to make money from THEIR Big Pharma drugs, vaccines and other poisons to feed the coffers of the phony health-care system.


      6 But “what can just one person do?” you might ask. The “sky’s the limit.” Just a few out of countless examples include; ditch the cell phone, ditch the smart tablet and all other WiFi related gadgets. My suggestion is to smash every one of them to smithereens with a ball-peen hammer and toss them into the trash can. Some more examples; Don’t buy any GMO food products, don’t buy any factory-farm grown produce or meat products. Either buy local or grow your own. Don’t buy anything chemical – this includes chemical fertilizers, chemical lawn products, chemical pesticides and / or chemical herbicides, etc. Stop using the traditional “health-care” system of criminal, money-grubbing hospitals, doctors, nurses and other sick-care providers – their agenda DOES NOT INCLUDE curing any kind of illness. THERE AIN’T NO MONEY TO BE MADE if people knew how to take care of their own health, which is everyone’s personal responsibility. It’s easy to do once one simply makes the commitment to make it happen. ILLNESS, DISEASE PREVENTION IS KEY as is eating a strictly organic food diet and living a risk-free life-style. Don’t buy any kind of processed foods or drinks – they’re all laced with hundreds of different kinds of toxic ingredients and poisons. Don’t buy any kind of restaurant food, including take-out – it’s all toxic food. Just ask yourself why we have a global health-care crisis with hardly anyone genuinely healthy anymore, what with obesity becoming the predominant species of grownups AND children, along with people on crutches and wheel-chairs all over the place.