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Sunday, 18 December 2016

The 5th major quake to strike in a 24 hour period hits Brazil: Large coronal hole facing Earth we could be in for more!

The fifth major quake to strike in a 24 hour period has hit Brazil; a mag 6.1 was recorded on the Brazil side of the Brazil Peru border.
A mag 6.1 - 24km ESE of Ngulu, Micronesia was the second major quake this morning and the 4th in the last 24 hours. A tsunami warning has been released.
Earlier this morning a mag 6.0 - 83km WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands was the third major quake to strike in 24 hours after the massive 7.9 and 6.3 in Papua New Guinea yesterday.

We could be in for more as the enormous coronal hole on the Sun is now facing Earth directly. This afternoons strike is the 13th major quake of December and the 141st of 2016.


Unknown said...

I think it is man doing this destruction with the HAARP weapon.

Gary Walton said...

I think it's more to do with the massive coronal hole facing the earth Buddy Guy

Anonymous said...

I think it's the Russians!

Gary Walton said...

Could be the Turks

Anonymous said...

So they testing more nukes again?

charlotte King said...

I think its just the way the sun is behaving at this time. There is plenty happening without all the conspiracy theories that run rampant on the internet. There is enough happening without blaming HAARP and other such nonsense. I know these are real but I also know this is not happening at this time.