Monday 13 May 2024

Signs And Wonders—15 times Bigger than Earth—Nearly a quarter of a million kms long: Forecasters say that the storm from Solar Behemoth, Sunspot AR 3664 NOAA is really over now. 3 times more X-Class Flares than major quakes so far in May!

Credit NASA

Left—NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center. The K-index The K-index is a code related to the maximum fluctuations of horizontal components observed on a magnetometer recording the scale of Geomagnetic Storms. 

We got lucky, once again. We always get lucky, but for how long?

NOAA forecasters say that the storm is really over now. There's no chance of additional G5 activity this week because all the big CMEs have already come and gone. However, relatively minor G1 or G2-class storms are possible on May 13th in response to a glancing blow from this off-target CME. A total of 12 X-Class Flares have been ejected from our Sun in the last ten days totaling 23 this year, which is something I have never witnessed before

Sunspot AR3664 has rapidly become a focal point for scientific scrutiny according to NASA. This colossal Sunspot one of the most active and sizable of this solar cycle is now at the forefront of discussions about space weather's potential impacts on Earth. 

Scientists will now study its similarities with historic solar events like the Carrington event of 1859 and see if a similar event like Carrington took place today. A Solar Behemoth, Sunspot AR 3664 is not just another spot on the sun it's a giant one of the largest and most active sunspots we've seen in the current solar cycle stretching almost 200,000 km. This Sunspot is more than 15 times wider than Earth and its sheer size makes it visible with basic eclipse glasses. 

How does the historic Sunspot activity shape up with seismic activity in 2024, well, is mighty impressive. So far this year there have been only 41 major quakes (mag 6 or higher) recorded which is less than twice the amount of X-Class flares! This May only 3 major quakes (mag 6 or higher) while 10 X-Class Flares have been recorded, this statistic is truly amazing.

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Hawkeye said...

Only 3 major quakes so far in May and after this big solar hit yes, that is very amazing ... (amazingly) questionable IMHO anyway! Could it be the data got scrubbed, or maybe it's part of this "40 days to repent" prophetic thinking since the eclipse that just occurred?
May 18th, in 4 days, is the rap up of that 40 days thinking.
May is not over yet! God is ever so merciful!

How many satellites got fried by it though? Some did.
How many fires got started?
Grids down?
The enemy will never tell of their defeats only distract from knowing of them.
Here in SWFL we are in a bad drought with extreme heat and UV cooking us everyday. A neighboring County is ablaze and officials shut down the grid, no power for residents, "saying" due to so many fires burning. Only a couple of days off so far but no back on date given yet ... no air conditioning in this crazy heat! Not easy to live through, I know!

Point is, that's what they tell us. Hmmmm.....