Wednesday 3 April 2024

My first thought was—This is an attack from mainland China! Maybe I'm becoming cynical? A massive 7.7 quake rocks Taiwan followed by a 6.4 aftershock and a plethora of magnitude 5's and 4's. Tsunami warning lifted.

Credit USGS

An extremely powerful magnitude 7. 7 earthquake struck the Taiwanese city of Huawalian last night followed by a 6.4 aftershock and a plethora of magnitude 5's and 4's. I would think more aftershocks should be expected at this moment. This is total speculation on my part, however, when I saw the earthquake messages in my intray this morning I immediately thought is this an attack from China? We know the superpowers have earthquake-causing technology, but hey, maybe this is just a cynical thought on my side.

Tina mailed this morning saying there was a tsunami warning for Washington State, however, this has been lifted.

Taiwan's President has given an update at a news briefing in New Tapei City. "At this time when there are frequent aftershocks, the government must ensure the accuracy of information and provide timely assistance to people in need, so that people can feel at ease and safe," Tsai Ing-wen said. "We are ready to work together." Her comments come as the rescue efforts continue. Some buildings in Hualien City are leaning dangerously and train lines have also been ruptured.

This morning's major quakes mag 6 or higher) are the 2nd and 3rd recorded in April 2024, yesterday a mag 6.2 rocked the Mariana Islands in the Pacific. The total for the year so far is 28, which is slightly lower than the average this century.


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Dan Gilfry said...

It’s just April 8 warming up!