Monday 25 March 2024

The Strongest Geomagnetic Storm Since September 2017 Cracks Open Our Planets Defensive Barrier—The Magnetosphere Causing a Severe G4-class Geomagnetic Storm With Solar Winds Reaching Nearly 900 KM Per Second!

Credit NASA Solar Dynamics.

The incredible speed of yesterday's CME solar wind was associated with the X1.1 flare which was ejected on March 23rd. . .

Last night's geomagnetic storm arrived as promised, however, it struck much earlier than the experts had predicted and was possibly much stronger than they anticipated! The massive impact from the Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) travelling at almost 1,000 km per second at one point punched open a crack in our planet's defensive barrier, namely, the magnetosphere. The CME caused a severe G4-class geomagnetic storm—the strongest since Sept. 2017.

Above is a graph from NOAA showing the incredible speed of yesterday's CME solar wind associated with the X1.1 flare which was ejected on March 23rd. . .

Geomagnetic storms have become more common over the past year as the sun reaches its maximum phase of its solar cycle, which sees more particles fly toward the Earth. The solar cycle defines the sequence in which the celestial body’s magnetic field flips every 11 years. The current event, Solar Cycle 25, began in 2019 and could last until 2030 and is expected to peak next year.



Hawkeye said...

The seemingly correct connection between these solar storms and earthquakes that Gary consistently reports on is now looming on America's coming solar eclipse on 4/8/24. Keep an eye on this one too Gary! News is hyping it up and at least 2 states here are advising residents to stock up on basics from the grocery store due to an influx of visitors to those states that are coming to view the total eclipse of the sun that day.

Well, that advisory seems a bit lame to me because the numbers of visitors reported is not so overwhelming sounding to a girl who resides in a high tourism state, but who knows!
Then there are some prophecy news organizations pointing out that the eclipse forms a big X over the New Madrid fault line the viewing states are on or near. Thought it might be possible the eclipse could trigger a quake if indeed solar anomaly"side effects" do in fact trigger earthquakes.??
Just a thought to alert you if you had not heard about this. There will be about 5 minutes of complete darkness in those viewing states at the height of the eclipse, the rest of the country is supposed to see about 1/3 of totality. The sun darkened. Hey, it's a prophecy folks! Could this eclipse be it? It's probably more likely to be a cover for something else that could ocurr on that day, you know, like look over there while we go over here? Food for thought if nothing else!

Gary Walton said...

Aye, they're coming thick n' fast, that's for sure! (Signs and Wonders)