Friday 23 February 2024

"BOOM!" Giant Sunspot AR3590 Is Living Up To The Hype. . . The Third X-class Flare In 24 Hours Is Ejected From The Sun, And This One Is The Most Powerful By Far—The X6.3 flare is the strongest of Solar Cycle 25, so far and the biggest since September 2017

Credit SDO/AIA

Giant sunspot AR3590 is certainly living up to its hype. . . The colossus sunspot group produced yet another X-class flare from Region 3590 peaking at approximately 17:34 EST on Feb. 22, 2024. The X6.3 flare was the largest of the three X-class flares that occurred in the past 24 hours, the strongest of this solar cycle and also the largest since September 2017—While impressive, this event still poses no significant threat to the general public. However, they said the same thing about the Titanic more than 100 years ago. . . Let me tell you, it's a question of when—Not, 'IF', one of these massive X-class flares hits Earth causing momentous damage and throwing the planet into a pre-industrial revolution existence. . .

Last night's X-class flare was already the 6th in just the first 54 days of 2024. Sunspot AR3590 remains highly active and at least one other large sunspot group is preparing to turn toward Earth in the coming days, stay tuned.  

A major solar flare measuring X6.3 was detected around active sunspot region 3590 at 22:34 UTC (2/22/2024). This was the largest solar flare in terms of peak X-ray strength since September 2017. Although a bright flare, a lack of coronal dimming is evident meaning a large coronal mass ejection (CME) will be unlikely. More solar flares will remain possible during the next 24 hours. Further updates will be provided via

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