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Is There Proof Of A War in Our Solar System Revisited. . . 93% of all craters on Mars are situated on just one side of the planet! Another anomaly is—That 80% of the craters on Mars—arrived within just half an hour of each other!

Laura Kerber, deputy project scientist for NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

I have been fascinated by Mars and its two small moons for a long time, since around 2008, when I was introduced to a phenomenon called Crater Chains by Norval Cunningham and Gail Smart.

Well, the whole Mars thing came back to me this week when I was listening to a video by the great Chuck Missler. In the video, Mr Messler claimed something shocking! Something I certainly have missed in my years of study—He declared Mars, like all the other planets and moons in our Solar System has been scarred severely by craters, however, Mars has two very odd differences from the other planets—93% of all craters on Mars are situated on just the one hemisphere, or on one side of the planet! See the two examples above taken from a video by NASA. The other anomaly is—That 80% of the craters on Mars happened within just half an hour of each other!

I have spent the weekend looking for evidence to back up Mr Messler's claim, but of course, I was unable to come up with anything, then, by accident, I stumbled on a NASA video. Although the presenter, scientist Laura Kerber did not mention the crater anomaly on Mars, it was there to see as clear as night and day in her presentation! Mars has nearly all of its craters on one side of the planet! It's clear to see—But, I couldn't find any information from any of the space agencies about the fact that 80% of all Mars craters hit the planet within half an hour of each other and on one side of the planet—So we will have to stick with Dr Chuck Missler's word for that.

The new Mars information brought me back to one of my longest and most fascinating studies—Is there proof of a war in our solar system? A war in the heavens?
In the Bible, there are several references to a "War in Heaven" between Michael, and his godly angels, and Satan, and his fallen angels. The Bible does not tell us when this war started or when it ended, many believe it will end at the beginning of the 3.5-year Great Tribulation period when the Bible says—Satan will be thrown down to Earth—But, we don't know when that will be. . . So, if we are to believe in the Bible, they are probably still fighting up there right now. So, I have been looking for evidence of this war for almost a quarter of a century, the discovery of the Mars craters this week has once again pricked my ears!

The fact that 93% of all Mars craters are on one side of the planet and 80% of these craters appeared within just half an hour of each other on a planet which many scientists, evolutionists and so-called experts claim is 4 to 5 billion years old is well, absolutely, incredible. If you are a creationist and believe Mars is 6,000 old—Well, it's just as absolutely incredible.

But there is an obvious caveat here, angels are spiritual beings, they are not physical and they can't be killed, or at least this is what we are told—But, some of them became physical after leaving their natural habitat to have sex with female humans, resulting an off-spring of giants which is described in Genesis 6. . .

Angels pop up throughout the Bible, often as physical beings and many of the angels described in the Bible are incredible warriors, 2 Kings 19:35
Then it came to pass that night, that the angel of the Lord went forth and struck down 185,000 [men] in the camp of the Assyrians; when the survivors got up early in the morning, behold, all [185,000] of them were dead.

Famously, Jacob broke a hip wrestling with an angel, Jacob was later blessed by the angel who called him Israel. In the book of Daniel, The Prince of Persia, a very powerful fallen angel resisted another powerful angel, Gabriel, whose efforts, to reach Daniel the prophet had been hindered. These are just several stories of angels becoming physical when needed. . .

However, the most blatant clue is the constant reference in the Bible to war in the heavens—So, angels, good or bad can be destroyed in battle and if so, do they have weapons? Powerful weapons. . . And, can we find evidence of war on the planets and moons in our solar system?

The short answer to that is, of course, no, however, there is always a—BUT!

The Mars crater story above would suggest thousands of craters appearing on one side of Mars in just half an hour of each other could have been some kind of bombardment. The first thought which popped into my head when I heard Mr Messler's video was, hey. . . This reminds me of the blitz in London during the Second World War—One warring party desperate to annihilate another. And the craters on Mars, or any other planet are no different from those created in the World Wars, see a picture above from Google Earth showing a bombardment in London during the Blitz.

Incredible Crater Chains where did they come from and could they be proof of weaponry use in our solar system?


Jupiter's moon Ganymede, has a line of 13 craters on it, see the NASA image left. The 13 craters are all joined together in a perfectly straight line—The line of craters is 120 miles long, almost 200 km. At the end, or the beginning of the line of craters, there appear to be remnants of a massive blast area. The blast area is only at one end of the line of craters and not along the whole line which might suggest a target was hit and exploded, hence the difference in colour of the ground.

There is a law in physics which claims there are no straight lines in nature—This straight line, however, is 120 miles long! NASA has a name for these lines, “crater chains” and incredibly this is only one of many and they are to be found on planets and moons all over our Solar System. NASA considered these crater chains very mysterious until a NASA scientist came up with a theory.

In 1994 NASA astronomers filmed a comet called Shoemaker-Levy 9 slamming into Jupiter—Five enormous fragments were filmed smashing into the massive planet—Never a straight answer—NASA claimed they were witnessing the formation of a crater chain as 21 objects of the broken comet travelling at 60 km/second smashed into Jupiter. Indeed a line of impacts could be seen, however, these were at least 1,000 km apart and not joined together like the crater chain shown above on Ganymede.

Left, is a NASA image showing 4 of the five impact craters (black dots) caused by the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet after impacting Jupiter—As you can see these impacts are hundreds, probably thousands of miles apart and nothing like the Ganymede line of 13 craters 200 km long and—In a perfect line without a break. NASA once again was obviously not telling us the truth once again. If you want to watch the NASA movie you can find it here

However, as you can clearly see, the very unusual, 200 km long crater chain scar on Ganymede, is so obviously different to the impact craters caused by the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet as seen above? Now, let's zoom out. . .

Could a broken meteor, thousands of km above the orbit of Ganymede cause this crater chain? The impact craters surely would be miles apart. 
Left, credit NASA. APOD.

Left is an image of Callisto, another moon of Jupiter and has a crater chain called the Gipul Catena which is even longer than the one on Ganymede— About 620 kilometres long, almost 400 miles. The width is equally impressive at 40 kilometres wide, 25 miles and all 13 craters are joined together in a perfectly straight line.

In Revelation 12:7, John speaks of a war in heaven that resulted in the devil being thrown down to Earth—But, is there any evidence? You would think there would be signs of a battle between two armies totalling 3 billion angels? There is no concrete evidence of war in our solar system, however, among the so-called "experts" there is much speculation.

Above, the Davy crater chain on our own moon! Lunar crater Davy at the top, as seen from Apollo 12. NASA photo. The largest craters seen here are 3 kilometres across. Below is one of my favourite pictures of a crater chain, there are more than 30 craters here, all joined together, before and after the blast area.

A wonderful example of a massive creator chain and “blast area on the surface of Mercury. Comet impacts do not come close to explaining this phenomenon. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington. Note once again, that the blast area is only at one end of the crater chain.

Another massive crater Chain on Mercury, credit NASA
Another crater chain on our Moon, credit NASA.

The large crater at the top of this image from NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has several other craters inside of it. Most noticeable are the craters that form a 'chain' on the southern wall of the large crater. Credit: NASA/JPL/Arizona State University.

Back to Mars

Professor John Brandenburg claimed that the “Martian surface” and atmosphere had suffered massive nuclear explosions, he presented evidence in a paper titled, “Massive Thermonuclear Explosions in Mars Past, The Cydonian Hypothesis and Fermi’s Paradox,” Here "He also claimed an ancient Mars civilization was wiped out by massive nuclear explosions. In October 2014, a huge mushroom cloud was allegedly captured by India’s Mars Orbiter Mission claiming to be proof of a huge nuclear explosion which NASA dismissed. The images, allegedly captured by the Indian Mars Orbiter Mission’s (MOM) Mars Color Camera (MCC), were posted to the website of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). See image below.
Meanwhile, in the late 1800s and early 1900s astronomers led by Percival Lowell, and Giovanni Schiaparelli another astronomer claimed to have discovered canals on Mars. Back then many astronomers confirmed they too had seen these canals and had even noted seasonal changes on the surface which suggested Mars had “possible vegetation” and an atmosphere just like Earth. In 1894, Percival Lowell claimed he saw a “yellowy-brownish dust cloud” which he estimated to be about 300 miles long on the surface of Mars. By 1909 just a few months after the Tunguska event, here on Earth, the canals on Mars had disappeared, according to astronomer Michael Antoniadi, since then NASA and ESA along with many astronomers have seen and filmed huge dust storms on the surface of Mars.

The Tunguska Event: Here


There is a mysterious moon called Phobos, it’s a potato-shaped moon orbiting Mars in a way many scientists insist is just not possible—The Soviets claim they have had a "Close Encounter" with it twice—And there is a mysterious Monolith on its surface.

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin thinks the public would be "very" interested in the monolith on Phobos, and leading Russian scientists believe Phobos is man-made, see the NASA picture below.


On March 28th 1989 Soviet ground controllers suddenly and unexpectedly lost contact with their spacecraft which was “shadowing Phobos.” The last photograph taken by the Soviet spacecraft contained an object close to Phobos which should not have been there. In 2011 the Russians wanted to go back there. Such was their eagerness to go back, they sent a Phobos-Grunt probe to research the tiny moon but the mission resulted once again in a drastic failure with the probe not even managing to leave our planet. Meanwhile, other rumours circulated claiming that America’s ionosphere research site in Alaska caused the spacecraft’s failure.

Phobos, credit NASA

The mysterious monolith on Phobos

Melted iron spheres on the surface of Mars. Just how were these spheres created? Spheres so as these are found after nuclear explosions. 

Above is a picture from NASA's website, Astronomy Picture Of The Day, which is showing two sets of images from the surface of Mars. The two on the right are a digitally re-scaled version of a map originally prepared by Eugine Antoniadi, a prominent astronomer of the 1800s showing a canal-like system and seasonal vegetation on the surface of Mars. Other prominent astronomers including Percival Lowell also claimed to have witnessed the extensive system of canals on Mars. 

Whatever mysterious phenomenon is out there, I'm sure, one day, we will be filled in with all the details!


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